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Articles by The Order

Chatter Rules
SoM Survival Guide
The Moon
The Power of Color

Articles by Teen Witches

Article Creations
Aset and the Black Isis
Ask a Tree a Question
Astral Travel
Controlling Your Empathy
Embracing the Night Ritual
Empowerment Ritual
How To: Astral Project
I Purify
Simple Candle Ritual
Solitary Witches intiation
The Charge to New Initiates
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Third Eye Ritual

Articles by Spell Casters

Nyx's prayer circle.
Types of Wands (Wood Edition)
30 Most Common Traits of an Empath
A Fairy Spell
A Guide To A Sucessfull Spell
A Guide To The Fae
A Guide to Runes
A Guide to Runes
A Guide to the Misguided
A Little About Fenrir. The story of His Chaining.
A Love Ritual
A Morning Schedule To Keep Yourself More Happy And Balanced
A Pep Talk on Magic
A Protection Ritual
A Ritual To summon Bloody Mary
A Ritual to Summon a Faerie Tree Spirit
A Summary of the Chakras
A Summary of the Sabbats
A Water Element Ritual to Enchant Jewelry
A Witch's Decision
A call to Phommett, the God of magick
A few hazards about Succubi
A guide to what magic is and what magic isn't
A more detailed text on hecate
A prayer to Nyx
About Covens
About Different Types of Energy
About Magic
About Magick
About Mental and Astral Shifting.
About Odin
About Prayer
About Rokkr Offerings
About Your Secret Name
About familiars
About invocation and what it is
About the Seven Planes of Creation
About the few universal energies and parts of the soul I know.
Accept Your Own Insignificance
Active powers.
Addiction Medicine Bag
African Witchcraft
Afterlife (Hinduism)
Air Magick
Alice Of Human Sacrifice
All Purpose Witches Water
All about love spells
Allergy Relief
Altar Cleansing and Dedication
Altar Information
Altar Preparation
Amulets and talismans
An Example of a Wiccan Journal Entry
An article for beginners
Angels of the Zodiac
Animal Fylgja/Fetch
Animal Signs and Omens
Are there any spells to make my feet bigger?
Are you a Vampire?
Article of Fairy Magic Volume 1
Articles of Magic: Atlar Basics
Articles of Magic: Candle Meanings
Articles of Magic: Dreams
Asking why
Astral Project
Astral Projection Guide
Astral Projection Techniques
Astral Projection Tips
Astral Projection via Chakras
Astral Travel
Astral travel or out of body experience
Aura Cleaning Bath
Awakening Witches
Awakening your Soul!
Banish Depression
Banish a evil presence
Banishing Spell
Banishing a Troublesome Person
Banshee Changelings
Basic Circle Ritual
Basic Info On Magic
Basic Magick
Basic Meditation
Basic Rules to Follow During Wand Creation
Basic Spell Construction
Basic Spell Construction
Basic Spell Working Outline
Basic Spell Working Outline
Basic of Astragyromancy
Basics - Centering(part 1 of 3)
Basics - Shielding (part 3 of 3)
Basics - grounding (part 2 of 3)
Bast queen of cats
Become Stronger
Becoming A More Powerful Witch
Becoming a witch?
Beginner's Guide
Beginners Breathing Exercises (1)
Beginners Breathing Exercises (2)
Beginners Breathing Exercises (3)
Beginners Guide to Magick Chapter 1
Beginners Guide to Magick Chapter.3
Beginners Meditation Exercises (1)
Beginners guide around spellsofmagic.com!
Beginners guide to magick Chapter. 2
Being A Mermaid
Being Psychic
Beltane - Festivals of Magick!
Beltane bread
Best Times For Spells
Binding (group) Ceremony
Binding Ritual
Black Magick
Black Magick Debate
Black Magick!
Black magic vs. White magic
Black magick and White magick - the Nature of Good and Evil
Blood cleanser
Bored on a full moon?
Brews and Teas
Brief Biography on Elements
Brownie Game Q & A
Burn Patchouli incense!
Call Rain
Calling Your Family Spirits
Calling of the Elements
Calling the elements
Calm Down The Wind
Candle Flame Interpretation
Candle Guide
Candle Magic
Candle Magic
Candle Magick
Candle Magick
Candle Making Technique: Dipping Candles
Candle Making Technique: Dipping Candles
Candle Meanings
Candle Prayer Magick
Candle Rituals
Candle colours
Candle magick
Casters of The 21 Century, part one
Casting a Circle
Cat Familiar
Catholic Freedom
Cemetery dark binding
Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditations
Channeling energy.
Charge of the Dark God
Charge of the Dark Goddess
Circle Casting
Circle Casting Tips
Cleansing -The Power of Salt
Cleansing a room
Cleansing and Charging Crystals
Cleansing your Crystals
Closing a circle
Codex Regius: Voluspo
Color Energy
Color Healing
Communicating with a deity/spirit
Concentration Meditation
Conjuring A Demon
Contact Me
Contacting Spirit Beings
Contacting your Guardian Angel
Control your inner demons
Covens on SoM
Crafting your Name
Create Homemade Blood Part 1
Creating A Spell
Creating A Spell
Creating A Spell
Creating A Spell
Creating A Spell
Creating a Astral Temple
Creating an Angel Alter
Crystal Ball Gazing
Crystal Cleansing
Crystal Quartz
Crystal grids
Crystals and Life Force Energy
DID and Magick
Daily Correspondences
Dark magic and its powers.
Dark talisman ritual (Dark Blood magick)
Dark/black Magic
Days of the Week - Magick 101
Days of the week - Magick 101
Deal with demon
Definitions & Making Herbal Preparations
Demon Info
Demonic Possession – The Basics
Designing your own spell
Developing Mediumship ( psychic abilities)
Differences Between Black and White Magic
Discharge of the spirit
Discover your spirit animal
Divination at its purest
Divorce Spell?
Do I Have To Work Magick To Be A Wiccan?
Do Love Spells Work?
Doorway Protection
Dowsing Instructions
Dowsing Pendulums
Dragon Magick
Dragon Watcher
Drawing Spirits
Drawing down the moon
Drawkcab Hceeps (Backward Speech)
Dream Catchers and Dream Boxes
Dream Divination
Dream Interpetations
Dream Interpretation: Tarot Cards - The Major Arcana
Druidic Love Rite
Druidic ritual for invoking visions
Earth Goddess Give and Recieve Ritual
Earth Goddess Give and Recieve Ritual
Earthen Ritual
Easier way to Astral Project
Easy Chakra Meditation
Egyptian Mythology Basics
Egyptian Witchcraft
Element Info
Element ritual
Elemental Blessing
Elemental Kinesis/Elemental Bending Questions
Elemental Magic Spells
Elemental Magicks
Elemental Rite of Gestures
Elemental Unity
Elemental Water
Elemental invokation
Elements Circle
Elements and How they Relate
Elements and How they Relate
Emotional cleansing
Enchanting Items
Energy Manipulation
Energy Replenish
Energy Stealing
Energy gaining from fire ritual
Energy manipulation
Everything About Fairies
Everything WRONG with how to kill a vampire
Exorcism– The Basics
Experimental Magic Technology
Explain to Your Parents Wicca and Basic Skills to Learn in Wicca
Eye color Personality Traits
Eye of the moon: When a wish can be made.
FAQs (websites information)_1
Fake Spells
Familiars- Plants Edition
Fantasy spells andsome other fantasy stuff.
Fashionista's Enchant Spell Benifits
Fate of all fools
Feeling Witchy and Stiking to it
Fenris Ulfr
Find Peace
Finding Your Guardian Angel's Name
Finding Your Path
Finding Yourself
Fly Argaric
Food Magical Correspondences
Four types of People in Magic
Friday Night Ritual
Full Breathing Exercise
Full Breathing Exercise
Full Moon Calendar for 2012
Full Moon Ritual
Funeral Song by Regner Lodbrog
Funeral for animals
Future Seeing
Gemini Magic
Gemstone Magick: Correspondences
Gemstones: what are they used for?
Gestures of Magick
Get rid of the spirits that bother you.
Get some Money in a few Hours
Get your ex back/herbal care
Getting The Power of An Empath
Getting a Deity's Attention
Glamour - Illusion magick info
Goddess Hecate Goddess Diana Cleaning Shower
Goddess Hecate Invocation Chant
Goddess Invocations
Goddess Punch
Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Greece & Rome
Gods and Goddess
Gods and Goddesses Candle
Golden Chain of Homer
Good Ghost Good Wizards VS Bad Ghost Bad Wizards
Good Ghost VS Bad Ghost
Good Luck For You
Goofer Dust Rite
Greek Gods
Greek Gods & Goddesses
Greek gods part 2
Grim Reaper Origin And History
Grounding of Self
Grow Wings
Guide To The Meanings of Colours
Hair growth the witchy way
Handfasting Ritual manuscript
Happiness Spell
Harp of the Dagda(Celtic)
Have control of all the elements!
Headache Relief
Headache or Nasal Relief
Healing Mantra Spell.
Healing Ointment
Healing Ritual
Healing Sounds
Healthy Skin Herbs
Hekate or Hecate the Goddess
Hellenistic (Greek) Gods
Herbal Hand Lotion
Herbalist herb medical uses
Herbs A-B
Herbs Associated with the Dead
Herbs and Their Magickal Correspondences
Herbs of Psychic Development
Hermetic Warmth, Lightness, Coolness, and HeavinessRitual
History of Chakra
History of Witchcraft!
History of Witchcraft!
Homemade incense
Horoscope signs!
Horoscope signs!
House Blessings
How I Communicate Telephathicly
How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms do YOU Have?
How To Absorb And Channel Energies
How To Become A Witch
How To Cast A Spell Properly Plus Tips
How To Connect With The Divine Gods!!!
How To Create Magical Writing
How To Dedicate and Create An Altar For A Deity
How To Induce Lycanthropy.
How To Make A Candle In A Jar
How To Make a Psi-Ball
How To Perform Sigil Magick
How can you make someone like you?
How the Moon work's Magically and Naturally
How to Become a Witch or Wizard
How to Become a Wizard
How to Cast a Circle
How to Cast a Demonic Circle
How to Cleanse a Rock
How to Connect with your past lives?
How to Create Auric Shells
How to Dress a Candle
How to Find Out Your Element
How to Know if You are a Vampire
How to Know if You are a Vampire
How to Know if You are a Vampire
How to Know if You are a Vampire
How to M-shift
How to M-shift
How to Make a Wand
How to Make a Wand
How to Meditate
How to Open Your Spiritual Chakras
How to Phantom shift
How to Practice in the Broom Closet
How to Remember Past Life
How to Shield
How to Successfully Enchant the Objects
How to Tell if You've Been Cursed or Hoodooed
How to become a spiritual mermaid[dream mermaid]
How to create a Human/Dragon
How to create a Human/Dragon
How to create a traditional smudge stick
How to find your element
How to make a Magick Wand
How to make a Mermaid Spell
How to make a wand.
How to make oils and infusions
How to make shell candles
How to make your own Tarot deck
How to meet your spirit guide.
How to mentally prepare for a spell
How to put energy in objects and absorb it out when you need it.
How to really become a Vampire
How to really, think when your casting a spell.
How to see aura 100% work
How to set up a Witchcraft Room
How to summon a demon
How to summon a spirit (be very careful with this)
How to: Reading Tea Leaves
I am very happy today for what Doctor Atete has done for me
If you want to Write Spells
Image Black Magik
Imbolc Chants
Imbolc Ritual
Imbolc Ritual
Incense Reference for Rituals
Incense and Herbs A
Indigo Children
Information about mythical creatures
Inscription on Death Note
Introduction To Kitchen Witchery
Introduction To Spells
Introduction to Astral Travel and Astral Projection
Introduction to Hedge-witchery
Introductory Note On Djinns
Invocation + Correspondences of Ma'at
Invoking Hecate, the greek goddess
Irish jig
Islamic Spells Your Way
Italian Witchcraft
Kinesis Abilities : Lunarkinesis
Knot Magick
Know Thyself - The reason behind how magick works.
Krampus: The Witches Devil
Lammas Barley Mushroom Soup
Lammas Ritual
Land Creatures
Land Spirits (Landvaettir)
Law of Attraction and Universal Laws.
Lenormand Divination
Less-known Basics of Magick
Letters to the Ancestral Dead
Light Body Meditation Part 2
Light Body Meditation Part 3
Light Body Meditation: Part 1
List Of Kinetic Abilities
List of Greek Deities
List of Norse deities I know of
List of powers
Litha Ritual
Living With Magic
Love Spell
Love Spell: Talisman and Affirmation
Love spells and their dangeers
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming
Luck Potion
Mabon Ritual
Magic Index: Scorcers
Magic Types
Magic and colors
Magic and the Moon
Magic names
Magic of Stones
Magic(k) Real or Fake!
Magical Creatures: Orcs
Magical Herbs, Plants and Trees
Magical Names
Magick (for the non-believer)
Magick Herbs
Magick Mirror Beauty Spell
Magick and life and life and magick and I and we and we and I
Magickal Tools
Major Gods of Ancient Greece.
Major gods of Ancient Greece.
Make a Learners Tarot Deck from Regular Playing Cards
Make someone fall in love with you
Make your own Spells
Makeing Amulets and Talismans
Making a Cozy Magic Space
Making a Humongulos
Making a Wand
Making a Wand
Making a blood-pact with a tree
Making a easy Moon Or Sun Water!
Making time for Meditation and Practice
Making your Own Runes
Manifesting Spells
Meaning of Magick
Medical Terms
Meditation Basics 2
Meditation Basics 3
Meditation Basics.
Meditation Help
Meditation Prayer
Meditation Space
Meditation on improving your magic/abilities
Meditation; Opening to the Spirit World and other forms of consiousness.
Memory Spell
Menstrual Spell?
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid language!
Mermaid spell
Miconceptions About Magick
Milosh's Triangular Veins Ward
Mind Reading Spell
Missing Guides
Money Spell
Monthly Pagan Ritual Ideas(:
Moon Diet
Moon Entities
Moon Magic
Moon Phases
Moon Phases
Moon Phases
Moquito Bite Cure
More About Magick
Morning Ritual
My Candle Magick
My Fluff stage,and How you can exit Yours
My Path to Becoming an Adept Wiccan
My Spiritual Beliefs - Overview
My Thoughts on what Magic Is
My first magical experience
My thoughts on what Magic Is
Mythical Magic!
Mythological Creatures
Native American Witchcraft
Native American Witchcraft by ThadeaWiccan
Natural Energy
Natural Magick
Necromantic introductory to spirits.
Necromantic meditation
Need Help?
Need help ghosts
Neko's and Werewolves
New Method of Circle Casting
Newbie Help
Nice Legs
Norse Mythology
Norse Popular Tales
Object of Desire
Oils of Body, Spirit, and Soul
Old Ways Plant Magick
Olympic Spirits 101
On Cogicity
On Cogicity
On Werewolves/Lycans
On gestures of magick
On the topic of "Demons"
On the topic of "demons"
Open third eye (Real)
Opening Your Third-Eye
Opening the Chakras
Opening your chakras
Opiate Withdrawal. A Guide To Self Induced Euphoria
Ostara Ritual
Ouija board
Pact with the Devil
Pagan Holidays
Pagan Holidays
Pagan Holidays
Parts of Transmutation Circle
Phantom limbs
Physcial and Magick
Picking a spell
Planetary Days and Hours
Playing Cards Meaning
Positive Virgo? Negitative Virgo?
Potion Making
Potion for Healing
Power Binding
Power Strengthening Ritual
Powerful Talismans for Wiccans
Preparing Yourself For Witchcraft
Preparing for a Spell
Priest & Priestess
Protection Incantation
Protection Spell Ritual To Receive The Protection Of The Moon
Protection against evil potion
Protection from your deities
Protective and Combative Magick
Psi Balls; For Begginers
Psychic Development
Psychic Development
Psychic Vampires
Public Chat Rules
Pure liquid magic
Pure liquid magic
Purification Ritual
Putting energy into objects and absorbing it back out
Pyromancy and Candlemancy
Quick Astral Projection How-To
Quick Spirit Animal Summon
Quit Smoking
REM Sleep
Ranking System
Rare Full Moon on December 25th 2015
Raw Energy
Real Magick
Real Spells
Real Spells
Real Vampire Ritual
Real magick and fake magick
Reasons for ingredients in Spells
Reference: Seashells
Rejuvenation meditation
Relaxation Ritual
Relaxation ritual
Repel Negative Energy
Resurrecting the Dead
Richards Spell book of gsd summoning Volume 1
Ritual To Bless a Blade or Wand
Ritual of the Blade
Ritual of the Watcher
Robert the doll
Rock Guide
Rose Petal & Bamboo Leaf Tea for Health Benefits
Rosemary Herbal Tea
Sacred Writing
Sacred and Profane books of Magic
Sage Recipe
Sage stick making
Sagebrush (Artemisia)
Salem Witch Hunt
Same Mood Spell
Samhain LLC
Samhain Ritual
Samhain Ritual
Samhain Ritual
Samhain: History of
Satanic Wicca
Science and Witchcraft
Scottish Witchcraft
Scroll of Phoenix
Scroll of Phoenix
Secret Arts Of Meditation
Secrets of Successful Visualization
Seeing Entities
Seeing Fae and Nature Spirits Part 1
Seeing Fae and Nature Spirits Part 1
Self iniation ritual
Setting Up Your Sacred Space
Setting up a Pagan Altar
Setting up a Pagan Altar
Seventh-day Adventists
Seventh-day Adventists
Shades (Magic Based)
Shadow People
Shaman History
Sigil Crafting 101
Simple Circle-Casting
Simple Solitary Circle Casting
Simple Spellcasting
Skin Healing Spell
SoM Survival Guide!
Solitary Full Moon Ritual
Solomon secrets
Some Wiccan Traditions
Some offerings for some of the Rokkr
Some ways to become a werewolf
Song of the Birds
Soul Searching
Space Cleansing Ritual
Space Cleansing Ritual
Speak with the Dead
Spell Benifits: Blow Someone Away
Spell Bottles; Pt 1-House protection
Spell Casting
Spell Casting Basics
Spell Casting Basics
Spell Casting with Celtic Month Moons
Spell Construction
Spell Correspondences - Colors
Spell Correspondences - Elements
Spell Crafting
Spell Crafting
Spell To Rid Area Of Evil
Spell Work
Spell casting information
Spell for Cleansing the body of Negative Energy
Spell help
Spell to Get Powers
Spell to Help Concentrate your Magic
Spell's to Bring him back chant spell
Spellcasting Time
Spells to Become a Witch
Spells to bring her back spell
Spells to make an Enemy Move Away
Spirit Animal Summon/SAS
Spirit Binding Ritual
Spirit Guides And How To Find Yours
Spirits and Ghosts
Spirits, Ghosts, And Demons
Spiritual Dimension Meditation Technique
Spiritual Magics
Spirituality & Magick
Spirt Spell
Staff Making: Bamboo Staff
Starting off in Wicca
Starting out
Stengthen Your Magick
Stone chakras
Stone of good luck and energy
Success in Magick
Summon an angel or demon
Summoning Mega Dragon Satan.
Summoning Mega Dragon Satan.
Summoning a Succubus
Summoning a Succubus
Summoning the Dark Spirits
Sun Astro Salutation
Sun Gazing
Sweet Imortal
Tarot Card for Astrology
Tea ritual
Techniques of Magick
The 10 Precepts of Shinto
The 4 Sabbats
The Advanced Future Fusion Ritual of the Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord- Not For Beginners
The Alchemy
The Altar: The Focal Point of Worship and Magick
The Ancient Goddessess of Magic
The ArArnamagnæan Codex: Baldrs Draumar
The Binding Ceramony
The Body and the Spirit
The Book of 50 Names
The Charge of the Dark God and Goddess
The Conjuration of the Spirit
The Desire To Learn
The Egyptian Goddess Isis( facts)
The Elements
The Elements and Sites on Information
The Fisherman and the Philosophers
The Five Elements: Earth Air Fire Water Akasha
The Fountain of Light Meditation
The Four Elements!
The Goddess/ God ceromony
The Herbal First Aid Kit
The Hexagon(satanic symbol!!!)
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
The Magick Instruments required for conjuring Spirits
The Magick Of Money
The Magickal World
The Meaning of Each Candle
The Merlin Eye
The Mind
The Moon and It's Effects
The Ordains
The Other Side
The Perils of Immortality
The Phoenix Touch
The Quest of Gerda
The Reference Tab of Your Book of Shadows
The Reference Tab of your Book of Shadows
The Reference Tab of your Book of Shadows.
The Rift to the Relm of Spirits
The Ritual Of Friendship To Become Sisters And How To Prepare Friendship Boxes
The Samhain Ritual
The Story of Marlin The Most
The Story of Peresphone and Hades
The Story of Peresphone and Hades
The Tarot
The Ten Key Element System
The Universal Laws
The Werewolf Creating Ritual Spell
The Wiccan Rede
The Wiccan Rede
The Wiccan Rede · Threefold Law
The Wiccan Religion
The Wiccan Year
The Witches Calendar
The Zodiac
The brainwashed sheep
The days of the week
The difference between magic and Reiki
The difference between magic and Reiki
The first magic
The first step
The lord and Lady
The moon phases
The pentacle and pentegram
The right hand path/ the left hand path
The ritual of Gatekeepers
The triangle of solomon
The truth about Vampire and what the cant do.
The way you say a spell
Things All new Members Need To Know
Tips For Spell Casting For Beginners
Tips on Meditation
Tips on using Magick
To Be A Demon
To Be A Witch
To Clear Bad Thoughts
To Dismiss or Add Your Father's Culture and Relatives?
To Enter Your Inter Witch
To Obtain Money...
To Postpone a Death
To Rid A Room Of Evil
To Set Up Your Sacred Space
To Summon a Soul That Has Not Moved On Yet
To bring two people together
To call a dead loved one or relative and be the family spirit
To contact your family lare
To get powers
To invite a deity
To promote sleep
To remove a spell
Tools Used in Magickal Workings: Staff
Transformation Spells
Triangle of Solomon
Triumphal Chariot of Antimony by Basil Valentine
Trouble organizing your journal grimoire or B.O.S?
Trouble organizing your journal grimoire or B.O.S?
True Invocation
Truth behind vampires.
Turn Into a demon?
Types of Robes,Staves,and Wands
Types of witchcraft
Using A Staff
Using Magick For Selfish Gain
Using Your Personal Magick
Using a staff
Valentine Water
Vampire Magic
Vampire Spell
Vampire facts and side affects
Visualize Meditation
Vitality Bath Ritual
Vlad III
Voodoo Silence Spell
Vortex Rite
Wand Blessing Ritual
Wand Index - Elemental Wands
Wand-Type Suggestions
War Water
Warm up anything of your Body
Warnings & Cautions For The New Wiccan or Witch
Warnings when working with Dragons
Water Creatures
Water Mediation
Water Scrying: Basics
Water Scrying: Basics II
Ways to be a Vampire
Ways to use the Death Note
We Are The Omnia Simul
Well, this is advise for beginners.
Werewolf and Vampires
What I think magic is! :)
What Is An Empath?
What Is Real Magick?
What Is Wicca
What The Evil Eye Means
What Wicca Is And What Wicca Isn't
What a Pagan/Magician Needs
What an how to use an Element
What are Demons?
What is Druidry?
What is Druidry?
What is Energy?
What is Magick?
What is Magick? #1
What is Real?
What is a Deity
What is an article?
What is an aura
What is fake and real in witchcraft
What the future holds
What to do on Full Moon
When creating a spell....
When writing articles
White Black Green and Red Magic
Why Magic works
Why Magick Cannot Have Instantaneous Effect
Why Sleep is Important in Magic!
Why a spell wouldn't work.(for the beginners)
Why good is always stronger than evil
Why vampire spells don't work
Why you should Not do Love Spells
Why your spells dont work
Wicca Creed
Wicca History
Wiccan Energy Exercise: Visualization
Wiccan Goddess Chant
Wiccan Holiday : Mabon
Wiccan Holiday, Samhain Lore (October 31st)
Wiccan Rede
Wiccan Symbols in Witchcraft
Wiccan energy exercises: Meditation
Wiccan tools
Winter Solstice Ritual
Wish Granting
Wish Granting
Wish Granting
Witch Spells
Witch's Box
Witch's bottles
Witchcraft Initiation Rituals
Witchcraft Ritual Outline
Witches Dictionary A-C
Witches Hand Shake
Witchy Hour
Wolf Spell 2017
Wolf Wiccan Tradition
WolfBlood transformation INFO
Write your Own Spell
Writing Your Spell
Writing an Article (For Beginners)
Yo-Kai Watch summon ritual
Yule Meditation Ritual
Zarm, the Spirit of War and Destruction
a spell to make someone dumb
about magick
about offerings
astral projection visualization
astral symbol visualization
astral symbol visualization
basic kanuragan exercise
begingers tip
beginners guide to the knowledge 1
black magic
born with being a creature? here is help
candle blessing
candle magic
did any one know how to summon loki?
eat souls by slender
eat souls by slender
fariy dust
full moon blessed water
hell gates and real immortality for real
hell gates and real immortality for real witches
hindu beliefs
hindu beliefs
hindu beliefs
holy magic is the most powerful magic
how to become a mermaid that works 100%
how to correctly cast a spell
how to find your element
how to first holy magic person was created and his history A.D
how to get lots of friends on som .com
how to make your own fariy dust
how to play dead
how to train a perfect familiar.
incense purification
knowing if you hold magic
light body development intro
love spells
lycans/werewolves part 2
making friends on SOM.COM
meditation problems
merkaba spell
moon water
moon water
most common mistakes made by begginers in spell casting
names of power
natures wax hearling
necromancy 2
new covens
potion bottle ideas
psychic powers
psychic powers
reference:a witch's familiar
respect and worship nyx
ritual of oneness
salt protection
spell to breathe under water/ breath air again
stronger magic
successful in magick
the Iadian's standard exercise routine.
the great dark goddess hecate
to summon a succubus
truth about vampires and werewolf
vampires and darkness
wereravens ritual
what I have
what I have and haven't figured out about chi or energy
what I have fi
what I have fig
{under supervision}Zues lightning

Articles by Second Sight

Astral Projection Techniques
Basics 101 - Meditation
Basics 102 - Visualization
Basics 103 - Grounding/Centering
Basics 104 - Shielding
Beginner's Guide
Beginner's Guide
Broom Closet Solutions
Candle Magick
Correspondences 101 - Wood
Correspondences 102 - Archangels
Correspondences 103 - Colors
Correspondences 104 - Days
Correspondences 105 - Planets
Creating An Altar
Crystal Correspondances
Evoking the Elements
Herbal First Aid
Learning Empathy
Lucid Dreaming
Making A Scrying Mirror
Making of a wand
Meditation Techniques
Ostara Ritual
Psychic Dictionary
Samhain Ritual
Scrying Basics
Spirit Work
Spirit Work P.1 (prep)
Spirit Work P2 (making your astral house)
Tree Of Life
Visualization Exercizes

Articles by The Broom Closet

Different Paths
Energy Flushing Exersise
Herbs and Their Magical Uses
Imbolc Ritual
Lammas Ritual
Litha Ritual
Mabon Ritual
Samhain Ritual
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
Yule Ritual

Articles by Christian Wiccans

Advanced Christian Drawing Down The Moon
Awakening your magic
Banishing ritual
Blessing a circle
Bread of Luck
Candle magic
Careers in Magick
Chakra meditation
Divination stones
Evocation of the Planetary Olympic Spirits (1)
Herbs A-B
Herbs C-D
Herbs E-F
Herbs G-H
Herbs I-L
Herbs M-N
Herbs O-Q
Herbs R-S
Herbs T-Y
Hex Breaking / Victory Operation
History of magic part 1
History of magic part 2
History of magic part 3
Invoking the elemental angels
Magic with the Rosary
Meeting the Angel of Protection
Moon Magic
Protection & Hex Breaking Soap
Saint Martha the Dominator oil
Spell casting
Summoning lesson #1
Summoning lesson #2
Summoning lesson #3
The Bible in Magic
To procure the love of a man or woman
Witches dictionary A-C
Witches dictionary D-G
Witches dictionary H-R
Witches dictionary S-Y

Articles by Black Twilight

Enlightenmant Ritual
Fantome Moi
Greco-Egyptian Necromancy
Holy Water
Moon Phases and Spell Work
Sacrifices to Your Deity
The Binding of Shadows:
Vampyre:A Compendium
Water Divination
Why Spells work sometimes and sometimes not...

Articles by Penta Magic

Absent Healing
Amulets and Talismans
Basic Crystal Information
Cleansing Ritual
Color Therapy
Creating Your Own Sacred Space
Crystal Properties - Numerical Vibrations
Crystal Properties - Numerical Vibrations
Cursed and Bonded Objects
Egyptian Deity Set
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Part 1
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Part 2
Element of Water Meditation
Elemental Attributions
Elemental Guardians
Energy Chant
Herbal Cleansing Bottle
Herbology Terms
How to Make A Dreamcatcher and Box
Isis and Osiris
La Santa Muerte
Lucid Dreaming
Magic Basics
Magic Oils
Magic and Our Pets
Norse God: Thor
Prayer of Protection to Gaia
Self-Blessing Ritual
Set and Horus
Sympathetic and Candle Magic
The Crooke Cleansing Ritual.
The Dark Dead
The Pentacle/Pentagram
Witch's Black Salt
Worry Jar.

Articles by Raven's Gate

A Full Moon Ritual For Energy
Astral Projection Exercises
Combat magic Facts and Fiction
Energy manipulation
For Psychics Only: View Fast You Visions
History of Shamanism
Imaginative Hydrokineis Practice
Little Telepathy Knowledge & Fun Practice
Meditation : Void
Necromantic Evocation
Practical Class 2: Working with the Elements
Psi Ball
Psi Beginners 4: Psychic Shower
Ravens Gate, Rites of Passage
Reference :Types of Magick
Reference: Crystals
Reference: Moon Phases
Reference: Tools
Sigil Madness I
Tree of Life

Articles by Gypsy Witchcraft

Basic Circle Casting From The Gypsy Path
Bright water reciepe.
Earth Protection
Gods and Goddesses
Gypsy Fortune Telling
Gypsy Lore
Hidden Language!
Homemade Herb Drier and a Simple Herb Oil Infuser
Invocation of Nyx
Oil Recipies
Prophetic Dream Incense
Ritual of the Dark soul
The Blessings Ritual
The Romany Culture and Language
Witch's Book Of Shadows and Journal
animal totems
crystal ball gazing
crystal ball gazing
hekate invocation
uses for oils

Articles by Angelic Touch

A Daily Eucharist.
Basic Correspondences
Days of the week.
Relaxation Meditation

Articles by Council of Earna

Basics of Magick: Lesson III -defending your space-
Callng the Quarters
Callng the Quarters
Callng the Quarters
Centre of Chaos Banishing
Discursive Meditation
Honoring for the four Portals.
Psychic FAQ
Ritual for Rejuvenation
Simple Protection
The Rune Poem

Articles by The Legion of Light and Dark

50 Simple Charms
Altars For Beginners
Astral Projection
Astral Projection Techniques
Aura Colors
Auric Manipulation
Avoidance Binding with Candles or Cords
Basics 101
Blue Moon
Candle Magic
Casting a Solitary Circle
Creation (Norse)
Crystal Grids
Energetic Healing
Energy Harmonization and Manifestation
Formation Of Hell
Greek Gods & Creatures
How To See Auras
Lucid Dreaming
Meditation Techniques
Neapolitan Card Reading
Psychic Abilities List
Rede of Chivalry
Sigil Magick
Spell bottles
The Dark & Light
The Sixth Sense
The Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram
The Witchy Christian
Wiccan Lesser Banishing Ritual
Winter Magick

Articles by Higher Magicks

Assumption and Divestment of GodForms
Balancing the Elemental Energies
Development of Visualization
Dream Analysis
Egyptian Metaphysics and the Body of Light
Energy Exercises
First Steps in Magic
First Steps in Magic
Fogged Mirror Protection/Power ritual
Magical Days and Hours
Meditation: Going to Alpha
Moon Magic
The Days, Planets and Magical Uses
The Elements - An Introduction
The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
The Magical Planets
The Qabalistic Cross
The Tree
Thirteen Steps to a great Spell

Articles by Element Magick

Element Protection
Element Purification
Herbs and Their Uses A-B
Visualization Technique

Articles by Eclipse

Astral Projection
Astral Projection
Astral Projection Exercise
Banishing Spray and Wash
Binding Variances
Breaking the Bonds of Addiction
Cleansing Crystals 101
Clearing and Breathing Exercise
Colour Correspondences
Consecration of Ritual Tools
Doppelganger (Fetch)
How to write a Spell?
Introduction to Herbal Magick
Lapis Lazuli
Nidstang Curse
Psychic Attacks and Sleep Paralysis
Starting out Hellenic
The Black, The White and The Grey
The Elemental Cross

Articles by Council of Knowledge

A Dragon's Blessings
Animals and Their Associations
Auras: General Info
Crystal Healing
Dream Interpretation History
Elemental Protection Chant
Freya's Eight
Getting to know Chakras
Greaco-Egyption Banishing Ritual
Herbs - Properties
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Medical Herbalism Models
Medicine Men
Morning Ritual
Negative Confession(s)
Norse Concepts of Soul
Notes on Meditation
Notes on Meditation
Properties of Trees
Riddance of Nightmares
Spell writing
Stress and Magick
The Real Vodou Zombies
Writing Your Own Spells

Articles by Baying Wolves

Making a Rosemary and Sage Smudge Stick
Making a Smudge Stick
Raising Energy Versus Changing Energy

Articles by The Immortal's Keep

Cherokee Prayer Blessing
Crystal Healing
Dark Moon of Hecate
Feasts of Divine Life (Wicca)
Gem Elixirs
Sanctifying of the Moon
The Rite of her Sacred Fires ( By Salem_S.)
Third Eye Ritual

Articles by The Path of the Shaman

A Cursing Article
Beginning of Man
Berserking for Dummies
Crafting a Stang
How To Write A Spell
How to bond with a deity
Runes for Beginners
Self Blessing
Self Blessing Ritual
Stones from A-Z
Structure of a Ritual
Tarot Spread: Past Life
The Path of Shaman Coven.
The Wave Maidens
Third Eye
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.
What is a Fluff?
What is magick
samhain ritual
the Minors
the Minors (part 2)
the Titans

Articles by The Air Element

About Candles
Advanced concepts in shielding
Animal Familiars
Black Magick Definition
Bones: Magical Uses
Cleansing crystals
Cleansing the home
Cleansing the home
Contacting Guides
Directing Energy.
Elemental Associations.
Elemental Magick
Energy Work
Getting to know the Elements
How to Make Incense
Lucid Dreaming.
Magic and Lunar Cycles
Magical Thresholds
Meditation For Absorbing Elements
Oil Crafting
Raising Energy.
Removing a curse
Synesthesia In Magic
The Armanen Runes or Futhark
Vampires and Vampirics; an essay
Wands 101: Making Wands
White Magick Definition
Wood Properties.
World Axis.

Articles by Black Cross

Dragon Blessing Ritual
Egyptian-Style Tea Leaf Readings
Riding The Dragon Ritual
2 basic categories of Satanisim
A Birthday Ritual
A Chocolate Ritual
A Ritual for the Dark Moon
Attraction Love Charm
Aura Layers correspondence
Aura v. true nature
Become a real Vampyre Pt 2
Becoming a real Vamp FAQ 1
Beginner, ritual creation
Body double/doppelganger/fetch
Candle magick
Casting viaplanets days
Casual Satanism Defined
Connecting with the Goddess
Creativity Ritual
Critical thinking Samhain
Dark Moon Ritual
Dragons & elements Via Conway
Drawing Down the Moon
Empathy V Clairsentience
Evil Vampyres
Fighting Depression
Full Moon Ritual #1
Full Moon Ritual #2
Full Moon ritual #3
Gaia Prayer
Greek Gods and Goddesses
How to make our own tarot cards
Hypnoses V. Altered State
Hypnoses defined
Love/Lust Dicotomy
Magick hours
Magickal hours in a day
Mirror Magick
Prayer dinner
Prayer for childrren
Prayer mid summer
Prayer short dinner
Prayer to Lucifer
Protecting Yourself While Working With Witchcraft Magick
Real Tantric (sexual) Vampyre
Releasing of emotions after abuse.
Respect and the Wolf Path
Satanisim Adams 1st wife
Satanisim defined
Servitor/thought form info
Shadow magick theories
Simple Banishing Technique
Simple Wrewolf meditation
Solitary Moon Rite
Tarot 3 card spread
Tarot Sister suits Via Standard deck
Tarot by number
Tarot deck conversion
Tarot directional correspondences
Tarot elemental association
Tarot spreads
The Cauldron and It's Uses
The Middle Pillar
The Pillars of Shu rite
The Use of Color in Magick
The definition of magic.
Them/us predator dichotomy
To Overcome Writer's Block
Vamp fact or fake part 3
Vampire V. Vampyre
Vampire V. Vampyre #2
Vampyre Realistic view #1
Vampyre V. immortality
Vampyre fact or fake 5
Vampyre fact or fake part 2
Vampyre fact or fake part 4
Vampyre life style
Wearable Potions
Werewolf Path Lenvocation
What is an Aura
Why Demon contracts fail
Wolf Path Cant
Wolf Path Magic/k
elemental flow tea ceremony
on the lessor banishing of the pentagram

Articles by Magical Beings Working Alone

opening your third eye:2

Articles by Shadows of Solitary Witches

Associating Energy
Avoiding Cults
Color Associations and Symbolism
Color Healing
Cosmologies Glossary
Flags, Flax, Fodder, and Frigg
Gem Therapy
Less-Known Basics of Magick
Lucid Dreaming
Meditation Exercise
Meditation Information
Meditation for Problems
On the lessor banishing of the pentagram
Principles of Wiccan Belief
Principles of Wiccan Belief
Psychic FAQ
Tea-leaf Reading
The Necessary Basics
Tinley Fire
Understanding Energy
Usefulness of Smudges & Smudging
Wart Charming

Articles by The Dark and Light

101 - Subtle Planes
Animal Fylgja
Asatru Ceremonies
Asatru for Dummies
Feast of Fallen Warriors
Female Norse Spirits
Hammer Hallowing
Herbal Basics
Hoodoo: Goofer Dust
Horsing Norse Gods
Identifying Your Totems
Introduction to Asatru
Jormungandr: The Midgard Serpent
Land Spirits (Landvaettir)
Levels of Deity Assumption
Live Things In You
Lokeans for Dummies
Negative Confession
Nine Noble Virtues
Shaman Sickness (NTS)
Spearmint: Magickal & Medicinal Uses
The SixFold Goal
The Three Primordials
The Volva Stav
The Younger Futhark Runes
Thursatru for Dummies
Totem Animals
Traditional Runestaves
Volva: The Seeress
Writing Spells

Articles by Magical Knights

Ancestral Tea Party
Casting the Circle
Celtic Circle Cast
Cord and Knot Magic
Finding your Guardian
Fundamentals of Magick
Ground and Center
How to Meditate
Magical or Craft Names
Moon Phases
Ridding Yourself of Negativity
Simple Circle Casting
Spell Work - Tips
Teaching Wicca to Minors
The Degree System in Wicca
What is a Stang in Wicca?
Writing Your Own Spell

Articles by Natural Magick

A Beginner's Guide to Natural Magick
A Rite to Heal Oceans
Anger Release
Astral Projection Sacred Space Preparation Ritual
Different Types of Ghosts
Godform: Assumption and Divestment
Greek To Roman: Olympians
Ouija Boards - History & Use
Poison Plants for Alchemy
Water Your Roots: A Grounding Exercise

Articles by The Twisted Nether

Aura Therapy
Comprehensive Beginner/Intermediate Manual on Magick
Energy Study Part 1-The Circles of Energy
Energy Study Part 2- The Movement of Energy
Lesson: Meditation 2
tips on wild magic.

Articles by Acquaintance with Darkness

Ancestor Worship
Conjuration of the Fire God
History of Acquaintance with Darkness
Necronomicon: Fact or Fiction?
Nit: War and Motherhood
On Demons And Daemons
Shadow Bath
Third Eye

Articles by Divine Essence

Around the Site
About Spells
Amulets and Talismans
Astral Projection
Casting a Circle
Divine Essence Articles and Spells
Facts About Divination
Godai Elements and Wu Xing
How Do We Know Some Things Are Possible
How is Kemetic Orthodox (or Orthodoxy)
How to Meditate
Instruction Guide for Beginners!
Introduction to Runes
Kemetic Othodoxy
Magick, Energy, and Color.
Moon Phases and Days for Spells
Our Paths
Shadow Beings/People
Spell Casting
Spell Defence
What You Need
What is Magick?

Articles by Shadow Craft

Blood Ink
Distilling Oil
How to Make Oils and Infusions
Making Oinments.
The "Triangle of Solomon" also known as the "Triangle of the Art"
The Fasting of the Daemonum
To use the moon to increase your spell effectiveness.
Tools used in magical workings.
Your Birth Number and Magical Name
grave dirt
magicaly charge you tools and other magical items
secure place

Articles by Grey Magic

Cleansing Ritual
Ouija Binding and Destroying.
Ritual Bath
Sarcophagus cleansing ritual.
Smudge Stick Cleansing
Spirit Animal Guidance.
The Tree of Life.

Articles by Roots of Magick

Protection Ritual
The middle pillar exercise
The qabalistic cross and the Lesser banishiing ritual of the pentagram
relaxation exercise and imagination exercise

Articles by Dragon Magick

Call the Dragon
Dragon's Blessing
Guided Draconic Meditation
Riding the Dragon

Articles by Divine Spirits

A Dragon Blade Ritual
A Full Moon Ritual For Energy
Angelic Correspondences
Aphrodites healing Apple ritual
Aura color and Meaning
Awakening Your Magick
Banishing ritual
Binding ritual
Black And White Candle Ritual
Calculate Magickal Hours
Calling your Angel
Candle Color and Meaning
Candle and feather colors
Casting the Circle
Chakra Meditation
Cleansing your Aura
Cleansing your Crystals
Clearing and Dedicating Your Space
Closing the Circle
Colour Healing Ritual With Candles
Connect with your Spiritual Guide
Connecting to Divine Energy
Consercration & Deconsecrate an Object
Control your Element
Courtesan's Pleasure Love Bath
Deities of Marriage
Devotion Ritual
Dieties of the Moon
Drawing Down the Moon
Dressing A Candle
Entering and leaving the Circle
Father Gods
Find your Past Life Regression
Full Moon Wiccan Lover
Glossary of Druid Terms
Goddess Meditation
Grounding and Centering
Healing Ritual
Healing Ritual With Sunlight And Moonlight
How to talk to your Angel
Imbolic Solitary Ritual
Invocation of God or Goddess
Invocation to Anubis
Invocation to Bast
Invoking the Winds
Lady Day aka Imbolc
Lammas ritual
Lesser Banishing
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Magical Properties of herbs and plants
Making Moon Water
Midsummer Rite
New Moon Ritual
Oestara ritual
Opening the Third Eye
Psychic Self Defense
Ritual Bath
Ritual For Drawing Down The Moon
Rose Cross Ritual
Samhain Ritual
Self Blessings
Short Ritual for Absent Healing
Simple Self Dedication
Solitary Beltane Ritual
Sun Magick for Energy
Techniques for astral projection
Thanking your Angels
The Lunar Phases
The Sorcerers Bag of Power
The Three-Fold Law
The Tree Of Life
The four aspects of Wicca
Using Light And Cosmic Power
Wash Away Negativity
Waterfall for Two Love Bath
Witches LBRP
Witches Ladder
candle flames
chakra balancing
chakra charging
dieties of love and passion
four hieghtened senses
how to program a crystal
reading chakras
self dedication
simple banishing
using light color and energy in healing
viewing the aura layers
wheel of the year
witches tools and jewlery
writing spells and rituals

Articles by Aesir Sunset

Necromanctic Sigil Creation
Wishing Ritual

Articles by The Seven Doves

Magic Wands
Magical Properties of Wood for Wands
Pentagrams vs Pentacles

Articles by First Path

Blessing the Altar
Energy Manipulation
Heart song meditation
Negative Energy Release
Third eye open
Visualization Technique

Articles by Lucifer's Elite

Astral Colours.
Astral Plane.
Chaos Magick.
Colours of Ancient Egypt.
Conjuration of Lucifer.
Left Hand Path PDF Libary Links.
Links to Our Own Groups.
Meditation Method Two.
Past Lives.
Peace Be Unto Him.
Prayer to the Prince of Darkness.
The Commandments of Satan.
Working with Colour.
World of Dreams.

Articles by Dark Moon's Light

to Protect Your House
"Triangle of Solomon"
.: Dragon Magick Adaptations For The Magick Circle :.
A Ritual to Stop Nightmares
Angelic Well- Being
Animal Attributes Riual
Astral Projection
Aura Colors
Black Magic Fear Ritaul
Breaking your magickal bond with someone
Call of Justice to the Dark Goddess
Casting and Uncasting a Simple Circle
Chaos Excursion
Charging an Item
Consecrate an Object
Couples Candle to Conceive
Coven Initiation
Dark Moons Light
Drawing Down The Moon
Exercise to boost your belief
Fairy Summoning ritual
Fertility Charms
Fertility Douches
Five Fold Kiss
Full Moon Ritual
Imbolc Ritual
Lammas Ritual
Let's set up your Internal Sacred Space now...
Mabon Ritual
Making your Own Runes
Making your own black mirror
Odin's Winning Of The Runes
Odins Rune Poem
Old Magick Exorcism
Ostara Ritual
Ritual of The Pentegram
Ritual of the Five Elemental Temples
Ritual to Cause Pain to One Who Has Made You Suffer
Runes In Magick
Samhain Ritual
Self Blessing
Sexual Ritual To Honor The God & Goddess
Spell bag for Prophetic Dreams
Spider Totem
Summer Solstice Group Ritual
The Gnostic Thunderbolt
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
The Never Ending Flame
The Vortex Rite
Third Eye Ritual
To Sever the Ties of a Bad Marriage or Relationship
To break your Karmic Contract with a person
Vampire Transformation
Vampire transformation.
Yule Ritual
apple ritual
demon holding square
drawing down the moon
druid's healing ritual
elemental blessing
enlightenment rituals

Articles by Daughters Of The Moon

Blessing of the moon
Drawing Down the Moon Ritual
Inner fire
The art of preparing Moon water
Unsealing Powers
casting and closing a circal

Articles by The Adversary

A Luciferian Banishing Ritual
Black Moon Ritual -Conquering the Shadows
Creating a Thoughtform Servitor
Dedicate your soul to Satan
Nocturnal Banishing
Standard Ritual to Satan
The Nocturnal Circle
Your Dedication to Night

Articles by Deep Arts

11 Satanic Rules (LaVeyan)
19 Enochian Keys
Angelic Circle Casting
Angelic Wishing Meditation
Astral Projection
Banishing And Sealing Ritual For The Home
Basic 4 Psionics Intro
Blessing Water
Candle Colors
Candle Spells
Casting a circle
Celtic Centering
Charging Sacred Items
Chinese Zodiac
Cleansing & Consecration
Cold and Flu Remedies
Color Magick
Dark Festivals
Deep Arts History
Din I Ilahi
Dream Decoding History
Energy Healing
Enochian Magick
Essential Oil Recipes
Feng Shui
Full Moon/Sabbot
Gatekeeper Meditation
Grounding and Centering
Guardian Angel
Haiten Voodoo
How a to Make a Pendulum
How to Conduct a Seance
How to Evoke
How to Find Your Guardian Angel
How to Make Incense
How to Make a Lucky Charm
Introduction to Chi
Letter Writing To The Oversoul And Guardian Angel
Making a Prosperity Oil
Meditation Progression
Moon Cycles
Necromantic Prayers
Past Life Regression
Poppet Doll Creation
Prayers of Brighid
Psychometry *Article/Ritual*
Purification Ceremony *Ritual*
Red Brick Dust *Article*
Reiko Basics *Article*
Religions of The World
Satanic Sins *Article*
Seidr Magick
Seven Spirit Forms *Article/Ritual*
Single Serpent Meditation *Ritual*
Smudging Basics
Solar Magick *Article*
Spirit Nature Divination
Spirit Sending
Spiritual Satanism *Article*
Summoning the Angels *Ritual*
Supernatural Abilities
Technique to Open the Third Eye *Ritual*
The Ritual of Baphomet *Ritual*
Thought~Forms *Ritual*
To Bless a Wand or Athame *Ritual*
Transvocation *Article*
Types of Dreams *Article*
Voodoo Doll Info *Article*
What is Chaos Magick
Working with Ancestral Spirits.

Articles by Darkness Rising

A Charm for Joy
A Pact With the Devil ( According to Le Dragon Rouge)
An Athame Blessing
Astrology Oils
Bond with the shadows
Candle Magick
Casting a circle
Cat Blessing Ritual
Consecration of the Atheme
Customs of the Summer Solstice
Enpowerment Ritual
Happiness Powder
Herb Vinegar
Herbal Cleansing Bath
Herbal Magic
How to Summon Demons
Make an Ouiji Board
Make ur own Tarot
Making A Gandr
Moon Incense
Natron Recipe
Planetary Tinctures
Protection against bad luck ( in house)
Quarter Candles
Satan's Heaven
The Black Book Of Satan Website LInk
The Body of Light
The Ritual of the Pillar of Azazel
Third Eye Ritual
Witch Ball
Witch Ball 2
get rid of panic attacks
holy water excerpt
perfume, oil or incense

Articles by Baron La Croix

A Pact with the Devil Pt.1 By Twisted
Dark Moon Cleansing
Energy Working
How to meditate
Pact with the Devil Pt.2 By TwistedPig
Rigging Karma
Ritual of the Blade
Ritual of the Dark Soul
Summoing your Spirit Guide.
The Psalms and Magick
The language of the flowers
Void Meditation
Void Meditation Aplication
Witchcraft Initiation Ritual

Articles by The Agate Athame

Astral Projection
Beginning to use Astral Projection
Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram
Opening a Circle

Articles by Energy Magick

Manipulating Energy

Articles by Random Magic

Magic Water Ritual
Basics of Magic
Necromanctic Sigil Creation
Spell Colors
The Least Ritual of the Pentagram
Vampire Attributes Ritual
anmal spells website link
casting circle
fairy ritual
pagan magic website if u like pagan magic
satan ritual
spells of the book of shandows website link
the nine satanic statements

Articles by Healers of Light

Adder's Tongue
Basic Bath Salts
Beauty Herbs
Circle Casting
Friendship Herbs
Love Herbs

Articles by Guild of Mages

Cultivating Water Energy
Meeting your Spirit Guide, Meditation
Meeting your Spirit Guide: Dream Vision
Stone/Rune Charging


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