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Hair Growth
Every woman wants long, beautiful, soft hair, but every woman also knows that sometimes the hair needs a little help to be just the way we want it.

Step 1 Choose a bright, sunny and warm day. Make sure your hair is clean; wash out all styling products that you might use. Massage your scalp, then brush your hair one hundred times. Step 2 Light the candle and the incense. Step 3 Mix the lemon juice, flax seed oil, egg, maidenhair, ginseng and lavender oil using the mortar and pestle. You should end up with a gooey paste. Rub into your hair and scalp, saturating your hair. Step 4 Wrap the plastic wrap around your hair, and go outside. Let the sun work its magic on the potion; you should be able to feel it. After about an hour, wash the potion from your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner, but use the rain water to rinse your hair. Do not use styling products or a hair dryer for the duration of the spell, let nature take her course.


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