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Werewolf spell
This spell will turn you into a real Werewolf by the next fullmoon. I mean REAL werewolves not Jacob werewolves. The werewolf you will become is the kind I am tall, strong and awesome. Chant this 10x at night outside on the fullmoon. Let the moon touch your skin. '' By the light of the moon. Our piercing howls, we are futhered transformed into cunning beast, to the circle of life, to the evoulotion of man. I shall be re awakened as one with the land!'' P.S like I said with my vamp spell. STOP Stealing my spells. Side effects: Strength increase better senses Speed increase headaches Meat and blood lust cravings Nails strong Sharp Canies Don't complain if it didn't work. You did something wrong


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