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A Official Vampire Spell (By RedRockets)
Strengthen Psychic Power
'Elemental Protection Spell'
10 Struggles Casting
5 Spells in one
6 Elements Invoking
A Blot to Thor
A Guide To Energy Giving
A spell for inner power
A-Light Spell
Abdominal Change
About iadians and how to become one.
Accepting a Difficult Situation
Acoda's Protection Spell
Alertness Spell
Amethyst Strength
Ancient Powers Rising
Angel's Protection
Angel/Demon Creation
Anger Feeding Hex
Another Protection
Anti-anxiety Chant
Appear Dead
Armor of Power
Astral Projection
Aura of Clarent
Aura String
Awaken Your Inner Wolf Spirit
Awakening The Darkness Within
Awakening Your Latent Gifts
baby of god's own race
Back Up
Banish Grief
Basic Healing Spell
Become a Dragon Shifter
Become a grey shapeshifter
Become a Neko
Become a Powerful Witch
Become a Shadow Hunter
Become a Werewolf
Become a Werewolf
Become a Wizard
Become an Avian
Become Magical
Become more Agile
Become more Sturdy
Become Strong for a Day
Become Stronger
Become Stronger
Before a spell tea
Beginner Blood
Better senses
Better Smell
Bind Evil
Black Blood
Blazing Comet Blast
Body Transformation
Buck Up
Building up Magick Belief
Call Upon Gods/Deities to Help
Call Upon Magick Powers
Calling A Lost Witch Spell
Calming Princess Milk Potion
Charge a Wand
Charging a Wand
Charm for Inner Strength
Charm for Inner Strength
Chi Energy Exercise
Child of the Moon (not in English)
Christen Protection
Clairvoyance Spell
Cleansing a Quartz Crystal
Cleansing Negative Energy
Cleansing Spell
Clothing Protection
confidence charm
Conflict Healing Spell
Connection and Focus
Consulting the Oracle
Control Fire
Control the Sky
Courage Enchantment
Create a Coven
Create a Strength and Safety Amulet
Cure Some Pain
Daily Affirmation
Dark Protection
Door Creating
Draconic Power
Dragon Energy Stone
Dragon Fist
Dragon Force for Beginners
Dragon Mind 1
Dragon's Scales
Dragons Abilities
Drain Energy
Drawing Out a Latent Talent
Earth Element Powers
Earth Jump
Earthen Rage
Easy Strength Spell
Element Armor
Element Invoking
Elemental enhancement/protection spell
Elemental Meditation
Elemental Power Up
Elements Meaning: Earth
Emotional Improvement
Energy Element
Energy Spell
Energy strength
Enhance Telepathy
Enhanced Speed & Strength
Enki/Satan Protection Spell
Eye of God
Fairy Charm
Faster Running
Find What is Hidden in Darkness
Find your Soul, Inner Travel
Fire Skill Gainer
Forever Binding
Friend's Seal
Gain Power
Gather Pure Energy
General Power
Get Any Power
Get more magi powers fast
Gimthenadite Speed
Give Everything to God
Give Strength Candle
Give You Confidence
Glamour Spell for Gender
Good Luck Spell
Grounding/Well Being
Group Increasing Power
Grow With Nature Spell
Growing Potion
Guardian Dragon Aid
Hades Darkness Power
Have More Stamina
Heal my Broken Heart
Healing a Wounded Tree
Healing and Inner Self
Healing Spell
Healing with Energy
Heat Spell
Hecate Summoning Prayer
Help a Friend
Herculean Strength
Hermes Magic Ring Enchantment
Holy Transformation
How to Connect with Gaia
How to drain energy
How to Feel Energy
how to have warter powers tested and it works
How to Make a Wand
Hurt someone that Attacks You
Infuse Yourself With Vampyric Energy
Initiation into a coven ritual-IMPORTANT TO JOIN A COVEN
Inner Fire
Inner Fire Power
Inner hearing
Inner Strength Charm
Invocation to Tyr Norse god
Invoke Hades
Invoke Lucifer
Invoke Poseidon
Invoke Zeus
Joy Power
Jumbo's Touch
Keep You Awake
Lemon Ring
Lemon Ring Protection
Lending Strength
Less Gravity Spell
Longevity Spell
Lose Weight Faster
Magic Senses
Magick Black Cord Binding
Magick Orb
Make a Nature Wand
Make a Wand
Make a Wand
Mental Pain
Mermaid transformation
Mind Expansion
Mirror Rid Illness
More Strength
Muscle Growth
Muscle Strengthtining
Natural Power Gain
New Moon Psychic Bath
Night Vision
No More Bad Habits
Official Vampire Spell (By RedRockets)
One with the Ocean
Open Mind
Open the Third Eye
Overcome Emotional Pain
Patron Power
Personal Cleansing
Pheonix Power Unbound
Plant growing elixir
Potentiam Naturae
power drink potion
Power Enchantment
Power of 3 Healing
Power of Saturn
Power spell
Power Transfer
Power Witch
Powerful Elements
Powerfull in Magick
Prayer Before Meals
Prayer to Cassiel
Prayer To Morrigan
Pre-Workout spell
Protection and Peace
Protection Herb Blend
PSI Ball
Psychic Blood Curse
Psychic Shielding
Purifying Emotions
Purple Light Spell
Put Feelings in a Container
Raising the Power
Re-inspire yourself
Reality Warping
Reinforcement of Items
Relaxation Ritual
Relese your Inner Strengh
Relieve Pain
Rising Sun of Hope
Rose Quartz Healing
Run Fast
Run Faster
Russian Overkill Potion
Satanic Guidance Prayer
Sealing and Protection
Self-Improvement Spell
Shadow Partner
Simple Good Luck Spell
Simple Mind spell
Simple Prayer
Speed and Strength
Spell to be Stronger
Spell to Build Confidence / Self-empowerment
Spell To Magnetise Abundance
Spice Up Your Life
Spirit Dish
Spirit Fusion
Spirits Power
Stay Awake
Stone Power Boost
Strengh Spell
Strenght Spell
Strength Amulet
Strength in Magick
Strength of the Body
Strength of the Wind
Strength Potion No. 2
Strength Spell
Strength Spell For Hurt People
Strengthen Psychic Power
Strengthen Your Love
Strengthen your Relationship Spell
Strengthen your Third Eye
Stress Relief
Strong Curse Removal
Strong Energy
Summon Any Spirit to Heal You
Summon Shadow Power
Sun Strength
Super Saiyan God
Temporary Dragon Soul
Temporary Strength
The Aid of Earth
The Break that Habit
The Magickal Witch
The Phoenix Tear
The Power of the Four Gods
The Restoration of the Inner Soul
The Triple Goddess Mind and Body Spell
The Werewolf
Third eye
Third Eye Spell
Tiger Transformation
To Banish A Fear
To Bless a Sword/Weapon
To Clear your Mind
To Give Encouragement
To Help Make a Decision
To Improve Your Hearing
Tonic of holy energy
tornado energy Fist
Tornado Fist
Trapping Negative Energies
Ultimate Werewolf Spell
Unleashing Animal Traits
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell Rreally Works*
Werewolf Possession
Werewolf Spell
Werewolf Spell ~My Spell~
What Happens Next
Will of Fire
Wind Powers
Wings Spell
Wisdom Sapientia
Wolf Alpha
Wolf Pack Spell
Wolf Powers
Wolf Protection
Wolf shape-shifter
Wolf Spirt
Wraith Casting


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