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Divine Spirits
Divine Spirits is a coven open to the believers of the souls power. We all hold power, its easy to release and put to good use, and this coven's Council along with the Priest and the Priestess will work one on one if need be to help you achieve this goal.

Whether you are casting a simple spell, using items from your kitchen cupboard or performing a complicated group ceremony, the sources of the power behind it is the same. Every spell or ritual involves channeling the life force that runs through all forms of existence and transforming it into higher spiritual energies. These spiritual powers include our own evolved self, which some say is formed through many lifetimes, and the higher divine cosmic energies, such as a supreme god, goddess or, more abstractly; some sort of divine light, spirit and goodness. This coven will use Crystals, Herbs, Healing, Protection, Moon, Planets and Angel Magick, with a focus on Wicca, and the practical application of what is learned. You can find us on divinespiritscoven.webs.com or divinespirits.proboards.com

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