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Christian Wiccans
The Christian Wiccans are people who are very open and loving to all walks of life and want to help all lost find a home within the light We are not to hate but to love. Our Members Consist of both a mix of Christians and Wiccans and other varied ways, It is not required to convert to Christian to join but we encourage to have a peaceful and open heart to each others ways This will be an closed coven until we decide otherwise.

PLEASE SEE THE COVEN REQUIREMENTS BELOW BEFORE APPLYING! NOTE: Please be aware that the number one reason why we reject members is that they do not message the Priest or Priestess with a description of themselves, their abilities, and their reason for joining. The second reason is an incomplete Bio. **** *** OUR COVEN FAMILY BIO *** **** Christian Wiccans are those who still practice Christianity the old way, but add the beauty and natural path of Wicca. Most of us here have melded the two forms into a lovely, cohesive daily practice that enriches our lives and the lives of others. Many of us are seers, healers, and teachers of our ways. We have a Sister Coven, Angelic Touch, with High Priestess Spiritwolf and Priest GabrielNexus standing by our side. We expect the utmost respect and courtesy to be given to all members of our sister coven. We realize that fanatical Christians have a bad reputation for putting down other religions, but you will not find that here. This coven respects each individuals personal choice. This Coven is a home and our membership is our family. NO harmful or dark spells and/or rituals will be taught in this coven. Only positive Magick that follows the rule of three and the peaceful permis of the Holy Bible. Please remember, The Holy Bible does not specifically prohibit the white work we practice here. Those who say that it does are misled. The wording that intimates such was a DELIBERATE ''translation'' that occurred back in the 1600's. We will share our learning's with you, as our goal is to teach as many as we can about being a Christian Wiccan. We strive to ensure that all coven members grow while in this Coven by offering educational classes, informational forum threads and weekly Q & A chat sessions. ******** REQUIREMENTS!! ******** REQUIREMENTS!! ******** REQUIREMENTS!! ******** You MUST have biographical information AND a photo in your profile. The picture may be of anything you wish that means something to you. Be sure to list ANY areas of expertise. Also, you MUST send the Priest, or Priestess a personal message with your experiences of Christian Wicca, your age, how long you have been practicing the craft, your up-bringing, and be sure to let them know of any powers you possess. We are trying to maintain an active coven, so it is essential that you log in at least once a week. If you are having personal issues or will be away inform the Priest or Priestess, or simply leave everyone a Forum notification. Please understand we will not accept ANY applications that do not abide by these requirements. If your application was rejected, please comply with the requirements and re-submit your application. ALL CONVERSATIONS, EDUCATION, SPELLS & FORUM MATERIALS ARE PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL! Plagiarism is a dirty word, against the law, and will NOT be tolerated here. ANYONE caught revealing conversations, education, spells or forum material from this coven will be permanently barred and a open-site forum with actions taken will be posted, so one chances of entry into another coven will be highly unlikely. We are a family here and TRUST is essential. Everyone needs to feel safe and know that their privacy is respected. This is our safe haven; our sanctuary where we are open to be who we are and discuss what ever is on our mind, knowing in our very soul that it will never be repeated outside the safety of our coven home, unless it is done so with ones personal, express permission, period.

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