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Shadow Craft
WARNING : Shadow Craft is not a lonely-hearts club, or pen-pal connection. We take our craft very seriously. It is a way of life, not something to be doing half-heartedly. Age requirement of 18 or older to join!

Welcome to the path of enlightenment in the arts of witchcraft. For many centuries witchcraft has been viewed as satanic worship by the fearful and uneducated. Society even today frowns on the witches/warlocks of the craft. Practitioners still had to work in solitude in fear of segregation and retaliation. Forever struggling with the many aspects of the craft. This is where Shadow Craft comes into effect. A place where like minded, dedicated practitioners can come to and exercise their magical rights without scrutiny. Experienced or beginners to the craft can work and communicate with each other without fear of the outside world. There are many denominations in witchcraft, as with any form of religion. We do not condemn any of the different aspects of the craft, we embrace them. Using all the aspects of the craft, we have adopted parts and evolved into Shadow Craft. For to long spell casters have been bound by denominational laws that we believe to have been emplace to hinder spell casters from excelling in the magical world. Along with teaching the history and art of witchcraft comes the learning of magic, spell writing, alchemy, herbology, etc... Many of the spells floating around in open society being passed off and sold as truth are nothing more than shams. We here take great pride in the creation and perfection of magic. White/black, it does not matter. Magic is just that, magic! It is up to the caster as to what it is used for. So whether or not you are an experienced or beginner spell caster, male/female, old/young. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to a better and enlightened way of living, we look forward to meeting you. -Shadow Craft- High Priest Draco WE are a 35 member coven and to become a member of the famely you will have to send Belza a mail telling a bit about you self like age what you think shadow can give you and what you think you can give os -Shadow craft- High Priestess BELZA Oure Sister coven -The Sword and The Feather- Info about the Sword and The Feather coven shall be turned to Lord-raine

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