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Practical Witches
Here, we hope to foster a family environment for discussing our paths in magic and life. We are open to all paths and walks of life, from traditional practices to those carving their own path.

Practical Witches, A poem by Mama Hearts: A family, bonds thick Together we rise. Sharing our sorrows Pursuing a prize. Pooling our knowledge, Sharing our wisdom. Paths we do walk Some, side by side. Beneath the boughs Through the streams. In the air Like a steam. We burn to learn And passions we share, To know one another About which we care. High and Low magic, Here they collide. Mingle and mix Till brew is born With this knowledge, All difference is torn. Exploring infinity Bringing death to our side. Merry and happy We do not lie. What happens in here, Behind our doors. Reaches our walls But will be known no more. Come and join us Share in the mirth Pull up a chair Warmth by the hearth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Applications: Send an application mail to EyesofZeus and the application process shall unfold from there. No mail, no vote, no exception. We are in cahoots with: Dark and Light Priestess: Eissy Priest: Mechtavolk

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