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This coven focuses on a broad variety of magicks. These magicks include, but are not limited to, animal magick, angel magick, herbal remedies (including alchemy), dark magick light magick, blood and vamp magick, and psychic ability management (including energy manipulation)we are also going to be teaching about supernatural incountters and more. Anyone may join to learn or contribute as long as they act mature and follow the coven's rules. This is not a strict coven, but we do like to keep things orderly. ;)..

This coven's purpose is to help beginners discover magick and psychic abilities. And ALSO to gain new knowledge from those who are well educated. we encourage all members to work together but are willing to help privately if reguested. We focus on helping the members learn about magick and meditation, amoung ouher things,. start small then work it up we feel. We teach various methods of obtaining a meditative state and then opening their chakras if they are not open or under-active. If they are using their chakras too much we will try many ways to level it to a normal level of the Chakra just being open. We will also teach the pronunciations of different spells and ways to write their own spells. Our goal is to aid members to master magick and wield it wisely. We will then teach them about the main magic here in the coven. We will teach them about the properties of herbs and how to transmute them to potions and remedies. We will then teach them about Angels and Light Magick or vampyres and Dark Magick (each coarse is learnable, but we prefer only one at a time to prevent confusion). They will learn about how to summon from their spec area of magick; to aide them and help them in situations. We will teach them, Basics about all magicks and once they have learned it well, they will teach more advanced magick if they are up to the challenge. For the Animal Magick it is highly recommended that you own a pet. Fish, Dog, Cat, Horse, Turkey, Llama, etc. We will try to see if they are your Familiar. we also wil be teaching all about the supernatural, so much to learn here, we do welcome the good as well as the evil for bouth get used in all kinds of ways. There are few requirements to the coven, stay active and stay serious. If you are to learn anything, you cannot lie and say you know what you don't or that you've practiced that what you have not. If a person is unhappy in the coven the High Priest (BIGBONES), High Priestess (ALLENATORE), or any of the Council members will try to apprehend the situation. If the member would like to leave they may do so. do note we are not here to hurt magic we will not stop any kind of magic from being taughht but we will not allow abuse in this coven if we see or hear of it it will be addressed and will be decided on weather or not you will be allowed to stay... To join please select the apply button at the top of the page, then send a message to either the Priest (BIGBONES)or Priestess (ALLENATORE). Also please have a bio about yourself and post in the Introduction forum in the coven once you are accepted all who join must have a photo at all times any photo but a photo shows use you put in effert. Always be mature about a situation, keep an open mind and realize: To believe that there is only one way, is to limit yourself form knowing anything else. Rules: 1) Do not be cruel to any member! New or old. Cruel acts will be dealt with by the Priest (BIGBONES), Priestess (ALLENATORE)if council you must report such acts so we may keep the peace with in this family. 2) what happens in this coven stayes in this coven unless we the Priest (BIGBONES), or Priestess (ALLENATORE)aprove it. *DO THIS TO APPLY AND ALSO CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON* All people who desire to be in the coven for just being a member please send them us a message to either the Priest (BIGBONES), of Priestess (ALLENATORE)this way we know you have applyed,. also please tell us a bit about your self after you jooin so we better know you and how to help. Also please check out the forum for updates and events.

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