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Dragon Magick
The Dragon Magick Clan is a Clan dedicated to the study of Dragon Magick. An ancient magick accessible to those who seek truth in its rawest form.

A Dragon Magick Community The New Dawn - http://www.dragonmagicknd.com Welcome Dragon Magick is the calling upon Dragons to assist you in your magickal workings as co-magicians. Those who are comfortable in more general forms of Magick seek the ancient teachings of Dragon Magick for a multitude of reasons. One reason may be, for example, that Dragon Magick will help build upon their current knowledge and strength in and of spell casting all together. Dragon Magick, ultimately, is not recommended for those who are beginners in Magick. This is because Dragon Magick is not at all basic. One must be familiar with the fundamentals of Magick before one requests assistance from Dragons. Dragon Magick is certainly not for everyone. Those who practice Dragon Magick must be self-disciplined and realize the potential dangers but dares to communicate with and befriend dragons. This coven is for magicians who are serious about transformation, changing his/her life and the space around them. The Magicians, who are true explorers of the unknown and seekers of knowledge will be challenged, not frightened, and forge on ahead for the search of knowledge. -Conway. Dragons are ancient creatures with vast amounts of knowledge. They are alive and everywhere. For many years Dragons have shown themselves throughout history. They have been hunted and called evil by many cultures. Dragons are not evil in any way and neither is their Magick. Dragons ARE magick. They offer guidance, protection and wisdom that is strong and infinite. This coven is not a popularity contest, it is not a game nor is it for the apprehensive person. As this Magick is not for everyone, for those it is for, this coven offers a safe haven open to those who are dedicated and looking for a safe, supportive community to learn and grow from their Dragon Magick workings. May the Dragon's love & wisdom guide & protect you in your dealings & on your path - D.What you can expect to learn from Dragon Magick Clan (incorporating the work of the Dragons into your magickal path) -Dragons and the metaphysical -Dragon History, Legends and Lore -Dragon Alchemy -General Magick -Pagan Practices -Magickal Tools - Spells and Rituals -The Supernatural (Auras, Energy Work, Kinesis's etc) - Meditation and Divination (Tarot, Runes etc) - Other Misc. Magickal Topics - AP and Lucid Dreaming - Speaking to Dragons - Shadow Self - Pagan Prayers - Dragon Home Blessings - Foundation of Herbs - Psychic Protection Meditations and MORE Rules *Respect is key to harmony, all members must respect each other & this site at all times. This includes thoughts, feelings, and ideas. *Language is asked to be kept in check, there are young members present. As well some members that may find the use of extreme language offensive. *No threatening of any kind will be tolerated anywhere within these forums. *No talk of suicide or inflicting bodily harm to one's self will be tolerated in the forums. *Do not copy spells from the spell books and post them anywhere the public may have access to them. The Clan's spells are private and for members only. *No personal advertising in the forums will be tolerated. Please message any personal details to the person. *No Role-Playing. *NO drama policy. Please leave your issues at sign in, unless the issue is pertaining to your Dragon Magick studies. In which case, seek guidance from a council member. *Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated here. Please make sure to cite the source(s) from whence it came if the information does not belong to you. *A profile photo is required. (It may be a personal photo or even clip art. No nude, vulgar or offensive pictures. *You are required to remain an active member. (If you can't or run into an issue with this, please message your concern to a Council Member). *You will be expected to follow Our Draconic Code of Honor. *Your membership is completely voluntary; therefore you are welcome to leave at anytime and while you are here you are asked to remain an active member of this site and Clan. --INFRACTION OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED RULES COULD RESULT IN YOUR BEING EXPELLED FROM THE CLAN-- Clan Avatars Support the Clan by visiting the link address below to receive a DM Clan Avatar! http://s894.photobucket.com/albums/ac148/dragonmag icknd/

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