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First Path
This coven is dedicated to teaching the very basic principals and methods of magick. We encourage those starting out on their magickal journey to join as well as those who wish to contribute to molding the new minds of the magickal community and those who wish to brush up on the basics.

*** We ask that you please send an e-mail with the information asked below when applying to this coven. It is NOT auto-accept. If Nodrk or myself do not recieve this information, you will not be allowed into the coven. I'm sorry, but it is not to much to ask that an e-mail be sent so we know what kind of backround you have if any*** There are a few covens that offer teachings on the basics. We cannot tell you that we are better, or anyone else is. We ask you read each one and choose for yourself which one better suits your needs. We teach basics. Period. We cover more than one way of practicing magick, and more than one way of seeing magick. We do not limit to one way of thinking, or doing...we encourage you to seek all ways and choose for yourself which one you wish to follow. We support every way of practicing and will help those obtain the information they need to starting on that path. We all need to start somewhere on our magickal journey. Here we are dedicated to teaching the very basics in magick to help build a solid foundation for growth. We welcome all those who wish to learn, or even brush up on some things. You do not need to know a thing to join us, simply have an open mind and a willingness to take it step by step. We will not only teach basics such as meditation, candle magick, gathering energy, color magick, and every basic principal of magick, we will also touch on different theories, religious beliefs and ideas so that you will have an idea to find the path that is right for you. We are, after all, just the First Path on your journey. We do ask that you fill out an application as well as send an e-mail to either the Prietess or Priest. This is not a test to judge your worthiness, just to get to know you. Please include the following : Name (user name) Age How long you have been practicing ( if applicable ) What it is you are expecting from this coven and it's members We also ask that you have a small bio in your profile. We look forward to turning out productive and knowledgable members to the magickal community. Priestess Healer and Priest Nodrk We are now sister covens with Priestess Xenea and Priest Dyrian of Higher Magicks and Priestess Tankgrrl and Priest TwistedPig of Baron La Croix

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