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Baying Wolves
Family by loyalty.

Baying Wolves: If you do not send in an application, you will automatically be rejected. Also, you must apply at the top of this page or we cannot accept you. Please see the bottom of the page for application instructions. Note: We do not accept "werewolves" or those who wish to become wolves. Such things are impossible. Baying Wolves is founded on trust, respect and team effort. However, we also support you in your own individual efforts. We are also an active group. We ask that our members contribute to group forums and discussions. We utilize multiple tools to communicate with each other. While optional, we believe our ability to discuss both the magickal and mundane on a daily basis makes us unique and a true family. Once a part of the coven, you will find yourself in an environment of kinship, friendship, and shared learning. We believe strong leaders and strong members are important, and welcome any member of the community who shares those beliefs, regardless of spiritual path. Our Focus: Currently we focus on a multitude of topics, including but not limited to the following: The basics Chakras Mythology Herbalism Dream workings Elemental Magick Animal Totems/Guides Healing Norse myths and teachings Deities and honoring/working with them Modern Occult issues And many more! Nifty features: Now that we are working on creating a more active and diverse group, we are bringing back some of our old features. We are working towards setting up coven classes again. We have a facebook group as well as a chat, and a Skype group that we encourage all of our members to take advantage of. Members can also look forward to a variety of topics within our forums, as well as games and discussions. To Join: In order to join Baying Wolves, you must send in an application. We also ask that your profile has a short bio about yourself as well as some sort of profile picture (it does not have to be a picture of you). We also ask that you are at least 16. To apply, please mail your answers to the following questions to both LoptsTAB and StasjaFawn: How old are you? What areas of magick are you most experienced with? How often do you plan to log in and participate in the coven forums? Why did you choose to apply to Baying Wolves? What topics are you most interested in learning about? Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

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