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Daughters Of The Moon
Welcome to the coven of The Daughters And Sons Of The Moon In this coven we accept all beginners, intermediates,and advanced Practitioners of the Craft. We are all open to many different things: Element Magick, Shamanism, Druism, Satanism, Divination, Summoning, Invocations, Voodoo, Sex Magick, Dream Magick, Dragon Magick, Energy Work, Healing, etc We also use the five elements of Magick Spirit, Water, Fire, Wind, & Earth we well be helping all experienced and inexperienced. If you have ANY Questions, We are all willing to help you out.You may contact the High Priestess,the High Priest or with any of our councils we do this in the name of the Goddess Nyx & Hecate

Please read everything before applying to this coven This coven is like one big school: inappropriate language will result in expulsion from the coven. If anyone has any questions please contact me or the council. If you are looking for a person to help you with your studies talk to me or the council and we will find you a fitting mentor. All types of magic are accepted here and it is the members who choose what they want to be taught COVEN RULES We are a familly:) Please respect this. We are here to learn & to help each other. Treat others the way you would like to be treated No cursing allowed, no attacks allowed, no cussing allowed, no roleplaying allowed If you need to talk, talk to the High Priestess or the High Priest Please make sure you send a mail application to the High Priest or the High Priestess, for joining this coven. All applications are to be rejected if they Are not followed with a mail The application MUST have the following: Username: Experience on Magick: What you would like to learn from this coven: Age: How do you think you could contribute on this coven: SEND ALL APPLICATIONS TO THE HIGH PRIESTESS or THE HIGH PRIEST JUST SEND A MAIL TO THE PRIESTESS OR PRIEST LETTING US KNOW A LITTLE ABOUT YOU

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