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The Adversary
If your Interesting in taking the left Hand Path of the Adversary then this coven is for you.

This Coven will teach you to reach Higher levels in your Spiritual journey. We are a Luciferian coven. We work with the entity known under names as; Satan,Lucifer,Enki,Noctifer. This coven is about working with the old forbidden knowledge. We work with luciferian magick, necromancy, grey magick,chaos magick,nocturnal magick,angelick magick,enochian, and practice mysticism as well and much more. As well as providing to you many of the shocking bizarre initiations and rituals. Initiations of Cain the solitary are also available. If you wish to join please send the following information about yourself. 1)Your name 2)Why you wish to join this coven, and tell about your experiences 3)What ways you will help the coven. 4)What happens in the coven, stays in the coven. Make sure if you in this coven, be respectful no fighting with others inside or outside. We dont except any role players. Before joining make sure you say this to yourself or aloud; "I deny Christianity and the Path of Self-Dislusion, I affirm Life and Flesh, I affirm Spirit and Desire, I seek the path of sorcery and the knowledge of being. I kiss the reversed and Opposing Face of Shaitan, that by Darkness I shall awaken to the Light of Self-Love and the Wisdom of the Black Flame."

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