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Deep Arts
Deep Arts is a Coven where all its members are family, and as family we all help each other on our paths whether they are similar or completely different. This coven is for mature practitioners.

[~The Coven~] Welcome to Deep Arts! Deep Arts is a Coven built by pagan practitioners for pagan practitioners. We pride ourselves on our unrelenting devotion to research and learning of the practices and philosophies pertaining to the realm of paganism, magick and the occult. Through networking our members have access to a wide variety of resources and materials that enable us as a family to grow not only individually but also in our service to the SoM community. If you find youself so inclined to desire acceptance and membership into such an ongoing legacy please mail RashnuX. or Cookie_Mnstr with your desires to do so. Role-playing of any kind will not be tolerated, and while a member of this Coven you are expected to represent Deep Arts with honor and respect through out the site. [~Sister Covens~] The Immortals Keep: Priestess Artemisia, Priest Earthlight Second Sight: Priestess Bane, Priest Cassiel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Priestess- RashnuX. Priest- Nakir (Cookie_Mnstr)

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