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The Twisted Nether
This is a coven for anyone who wishes to create bonds and friendships with other seekers of occult learning and magick. Long time practitioners and beginners are both welcome.

Merry meet, The Twisted Nether is a sanctuary, and place of learning for any who wish to join its ranks. We are a smaller group, and are always willing to grow and learn. We seek knowledge, and the growth of our spiritual natures. Each one of us following our own set path, while sharing our findings and research with others. We are always strengthening the bonds of friendship, and fellowship, to make sure we do not stay a group of strangers. TN accepts all walks of life, creed, race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability or disability. We invite people of all backgrounds to join and develop with us. We cover topics of all kinds, and do not limit ourselves to the light or dark. Most of us see magic as what it is. A neutral force which takes the intent of the caster, and does not have a color. If you wish to learn, simply ask. There is bound to be someone with information on the topic you seek. Some of our recently discussed topics are: Divination Meditation Old World Religions Herbal Healing Enchanting Wards and Protection And much more! Applying to The Twisted Nether: When applying, we like our applicants to at least be 14 years of age, to keep a somewhat mature atmosphere. However, exceptions can be made if you present yourself as someone who will not disrupt the environment with childish games. To apply: Click the "Apply to Join" Button! Otherwise, you can't be added to the coven. Fill out the following application and mail it to the Priest/ Priestess of the coven. Please have a bio, and some sort of picture on your profile. While this is not required, it is recommended. 1. How old are you? 2. What do you want to be called? 3. How active can you be in the coven? 4. What do you bring to us? (Talents, skills, knowledge, etc) 5. Why did you choose us to join? What do you want to learn? 6. Have you had any accounts before or currently? 7. Have you belonged to any other covens? If so, why did you leave? 8. Include any other details here. The application will then be discussed among the leadership of the coven. The application will be decided by a majority vote. All applications that are a week old will be closed, and the votes cast will be the ones counted, so you may find yourself waiting the full week, or accepted in a matter of days. If you are accepted, the Priest will mail you, and welcome you to the coven. General Rules: 1. Keep control of yourself. Don?t start any uneccesary drama. 2. Stay active. While it is not required to post in forums, you will be removed from the coven if you are absent for more than a month, and don't report it. However, you will be allowed to re submit your application should this affect you! 3. Respect others. We have a variety of people here. While it is encouraged liking anyone is not required. Getting along with everyone is. 4. No roleplaying or fluffs. We are a serious coven, do not waste our time with werewolf/vampire/demonkin nonsense. Violaters will be removed. 5. Learn! A day without learning something new is a day wasted. Use the resources offered here, and make the most of your experience with us! Thank you for visiting the Twisted Nether, if you have any questions mail the High Priest, LucianArahsi, High Priestess Skylance, or council member Sozerius1, Our sister coven(s): Acquaintance with Darkness Priest: Naught Priestess: Zetastorm We give thanks to our sister covens, for their friendship, shared knowledge, and support. Blessed be.

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