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Druidic Death Hex
This spell is used to reflect curses and or kill enemies. Much like the Druidic Curse and the Three Days of Hell, this spell can and will annihilate enemies... depending on the strength of the caster and the strength of the enemy AND how many times the spell is cast. Start this hex on a Saturday. Name the figural candle or statue with name of your enemy by carving the enemy's name in the wax or writing it in the chinaware with a marker. Wrap the candle or statuette all over with the dried spiny leaves of blackberry vines. Lay this mess on the piece of black cloth, wrap it up, and tie the bundle closed with black thread. While concentrating your mind on your enemy and his or her name and appearance, tell the person what it is you want send back to them (if they cursed you), if not, then chant how you want them to suffer, and then hit the packet three times with a hammer. Hit it hard enought so that you break it. Each day for seven days tell the figure what you want to send back to him or her (if they cursed u, if not then chant to them how u want them to suffer) and hit the figure with the hammer three times daily. By the end of the days, the figure should be mutilated and shattered. When you are finished, take the bundle outdoors (to a cemetery if you can), dig a deep hole, throw the packet in, and cover it. Walk away and don't look back. Additional instructions: To make this spell stronger, you may dress the candle or statue with crossing oil or hotfoot oil and you may add Goofer dust or graveyard soil to the blackberry leaves, but not too much because one would want the figure to feel the pain inflicted on it by blackberry leaf spines (that causes severe pain to the enemy.) Final words: Spell takes three weeks to take effect after the seven days it takes to cast this spell. If one wishes for the enemy to die or suffer severe agonizing torment, cast this spell for three straight weeks in a row and see what happens in two months.


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