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this chant turns you into a vampire in 1 night and its the night you do the spell. the night you do the spell and you wake up the next day you'll be a vampire. Note: you do go to hell for this spell. It has to be dark and you have to be inside and you say this chant ten times. ''Vampires one and vampires all make me what it is I wish to be make me a vampire. Let me give others a fright. King of hades Make me what I wish to be make me make me a vampire. I shall burn in the sunlight. I shall have a uncontrolable thirst for blood. I shall want blood every momment of every day. I shall kill for blood. I shall harm others for there blood. Make me a vampire. I shall become a vampire in 1 night. So it shall be.'' Say that chant ten times when its night and then in 1 night you will become a vampire. Side effects: better smelling, better hearing, better seeing, headaches, burning throat, Sensitive skin, you feel the sun more a little burning. Good Luck.


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