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2nd Dragon Transformation
A Simple Werewolf Transformation
Alexandrian Harvest Spell
Ancient Greek Black Hellebore Harvest
Angel Wing
Animal Morphing Potion
Animal Shifting
Animal Transformation
Animal Transformation
Antler Spell
Avian/Wing Prayer
Be a Mermaid
Become a muscular person really works omg
Become a Neko
Become a Neko
Become a Neko
Become a Neko
Become a Pokemon
Become a Thing
Become an Angel
Become an Avian
Become more Agile
Become Stronger
Bendy spell
Big Stomach
Bigger Boobs
Bigger Breasts
Bigger Breasts Spell
bigger butt spell
Bigger Feet
Black Wings
Bless a Tree
Blood Wish Potion
Blueberry Expansion
Blueberry Inflation
breast enlargement
Breast Expansion
breast growth & butt growth
Breast size spell
Busting Buttons
Change Someone's Hair
Change the color of an egg
Change your gender
Cheetah Cub
Cherry Inflation
Conceive A healthy Baby Working
Control Earth
Create Liife/Human Being
Create your own Wings
Crescent Wish
Demeter's Blessing
Demeter's Blessing
Demonic Wings
Easter Spell
Elements Wings Potion
Emotions come forth
Enhance Your Magickal Power
Eye Changing
Eyelash Growing
Facial Hair
Fairy 2
Fat Curse
Fat Spell
Female Anthro
Female giant
Female Giantess
Flower Blossom Encouragment
Gain Weight
Garden Growth
Garden Growth Spell
Garden Spell
Gender Switch
Get Fatter
Get Long Hair
Get Long Hair Fast
Get Wings
Get Wings
Get Wings
Get Wings
Give You Wings
Gluttony Curse
Grass Touch
Group Wings Spell
Grow 7 inches
Grow a Dead Flower
Grow a Dog's Ears and Tail
Grow a tail
Grow a Tail...Well it worked for me
Grow and Shrink at your Will
Grow Faster
Grow Hair
Grow Hair
Grow Hair
Grow Muscle
Grow Quick
Grow Retractable Wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings in Just Days!
Grow Wings of Any Kind
Grow With Nature Spell
Grow Your Own Beauty
Growing in Wisdom
Growing Potion
Growing Potion!
Growing Potion!
Growth Potion
Growth Potion
Hair Growing
Hair Growth
Hair Growth
Hair Growth
Hair Growth and Repair
Hair Growth Potion
Hair Growth Potion
Hair Growth Potion
Hair Growth Spell
Hair Growth Spell
Hair Growth Spell:
Hair Growth Spell:
Half Demon With Blue Flames
Hatch a Baby Dragon
Have Hair
Healing Nature
Healthy Garden Spell
Healthy Plant Spell
Help a Plant Grow
Helping Fruit Plants
Herbal Blessings
Home-Made Wings
Horn Spells
How to Grow a Unicorn Horn
Indigo Wings Spell
Inflate And Levitate
Inflation Touch
Information-Witch's Garden
Long Hair In 1 Day
Longer Nails
Magic Fertilizer
Magickal Soil
Make a Plant Grow
Make a Plant Grow
Make Hair Grow
Make Hair Grow
Make Me Taller
Make Your Feet Bigger
Make Your Hair Grow
Mermaid spell 3
Mihans Growth
Moon Phases Wings Spell
Morph Spell
Multi-Religion Wings Spell
Muscle Growth
My Homemade Mermaid Spell
Neko Spell
Neko Spell by Nekogirl98
Neko Transform
Omniscient Wisdom Mantra
Open Mind
Opening Yourself Up to Love and Healing
Physical Body Change
Physically Change Body
Plant Growth Potion
Plant Growth Spell
Prosperity Spell
Quartz and Necklace Wings Potion
Recipe-Soft Mead
Save A Tree
Shape Shift
Shrink Someone
Simple Flying
Simple Guide To The Basics
Sleep Spell
Smoother Hair Potion
Spell for the Garden
Spell to Grow Wings(untested)
Spell to Speed Up the Growth Rate of a Plant
Strong Plant Growing Spell
Tail Spell
testing a spell
The Walnut of Wishes Spell
To be a Cat
To Become a Girl or a Boy
To Find Answers
To Grow Wings
Tree Empowerment
Tree Energy Elixir
Tree Growing
Tree Growth
Tree Spell
Unblocking Spell (Ritual)
Unlocking your Magic Gift
Vore Belly
wand spells
Weight Gain
Weight Gain
Weight Gain Spell
Welsh Vervain Harvest
werewolf spell
Wing ''Potion''
Wing Ritual
Wing Spell
Wing Spell
Witch Garden Blessing
Wolf Neko (Okami) Spell
Wonka 3 Course meal Gum


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