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Spiteful Demon of Torment
Summon forth a demon into an object to give to your enemy.

Set up your circle to begin. After doing so, place the object in the middle of the triangle. The circle is meant to protect you while the triangle is to keep the summoned spirit within. Place your item and call forth a demon like so:

Come forth I summon you, I beseech you. Come forth to our realm. I offer you sanctuary here where you may carry out your evil deeds upon thy enemy. Harm them as they have harmed me. Come to this object I have chosen. In acceptance that you do not harm me but the one I have called you forth...Now come demon! So mote it be! After doing so cleanse the circle and the demon should remain in the stone, etc or whatever you have used. After this plant the object in your enemies house, locker, etc.


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