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To Heal A Broken Relationship
This spell will stop an arguement, or it will simmer down negative feelings between two parties. Place the white, red, and green candles together on a table or altar. Then, take the 3 dark blue candles; place them in a triangle, evenly apart around the other candles.

Then take the two trinkets or stiks together in your left hand. Light the candles and wind the thread around the two things and while you are, chant: I am water, I am earth, From my birth, These two figures, Leap and bite, Within my sight, Bring them close, Bring them near, Disintegrate hate and fear, Love and harmony, Must now rule, Leave the foolishness, To the fool, Light and tranqility, Come now near, Drive away the hate and Fear! (Let the candles burn themselves out.) Then, repeat this spell until the yarn/string is all wound up around the things, Then bury the two trinkets/sticks two feet into the ground while chanting: Go back to mother earth, Heal and harmonize, This new birth! Chant that until you've coverned it with the last of the soil. :) :D


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