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(18+ only) Futanari Curse (Curse A Woman To Grow A Large Penis)
A Love Charm
A Night You Will Never Forget
Acoda's Love & Lust Spell
Aphrodite Erotic Charm
Athame Vengeance Elixir
Attract your Crush
Bigger Breasts
Bigger penis!
Breast Enhancement
Breast size spell
Bring me Love
Call Incubus with Blood
Call Succubus with Blood
Circle of Light Spell
Cool Down Lust
Create Erogenous Zone
Crystal Ball
Dark Lust of the Flame
Dove's Blood Ink
Dragon weaponry
Dreams of Delight Potion Fragrant
Drops of Love
Easy Love Potion #1
Egyptian Magic Lust and Passion
Energy Massage
Enhance Sexual Desire
Eretion Spell
Excite Passion in Another
Fall in Love
Female body curse
Female Breast Enlargement
Fertility (You & Partner)
Find a Lover
Find Your Soulmate
Fireside Lust
Get Some
Get Someone to Call You
Get the powers of an achroite
Get the powers of an amethyst
Healthy Love
How to Become a Vampire
how to temporarily soothe a sneeze cough.
Hypnotic Love Spell
Incubus Boyfriend
Incubus/Succubus Sex Friend
Induce Lust
KK10 2
Lavender Potion
Love and Lust Powder
Love Oil (oleum amare)
Love Potion
Love Potion tea
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
love spell
Love spell - works while you sleep
Lover's Binding Charm
Lust & Desire Spell
Lust from Blood
Lust Oil
Lust Potion
Lustful Bath Spell
Lustral Rose Passion
Make Lover Attentive
Mr. Right
Never leave me Friend
Nine Knots of Passion
One True Love
Passionate Love Sea Shell Spell
Peppermint vampire banishing (basic)
Physically Change Body
Poppet Binding Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Recipe for: Love Potion Tea
Roses of love
Satanic Sex
Secret Lover
self love (yes, that kind)
Sex Please
Sinful As Your Soul
Slap in the Face Spell
Soulmate Spell
Spell to find your Soul Mate
Spice Up Love
Succubus Girlfriend/Wife
Succubus/Incubus Girl/Boyfriend
summon a love spirit
Summon a Succubus
Summon a Succubus
Summon a Succubus
Summon a Succubus
Summon a Succubus
Summon an Incubus
Summoning a Incubus 2
Summoning a Incubus: (3)
Summoning a Succubus 1
Summoning a Succubus: (2)
Summoning a Succubus: (3)
Summoning an Incubus 1
Sunflower Sex Appeal
Telepathic Message
The Honey Jar Spell
The Musk of Bastet
The Rose Of Love
The spell of wumbo
To Clear the Air between Lover
To Create Opportunities for Love
To Draw a New Love to You
To Heal a Rift
To Obtain Love from a Specific Person
Vamperic Desire
Venus Bring Me My Twin Flame
Vile of the Dead
Water Element
Who To Choose?
Wine Love Potion
Witch Sex


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