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A Love Brew
Akasha's Love Powder
Aphrodite's Love Potion
Apple Love Divination
Apple Peel Divantion
Be Mine
Beauty Potion for your lover *works*
Bind Lovers Together
Binding of Lovers
Binding of Two Souls
Bonding Ritual
Break up a Happy Home
Calling for Love Spell
Calling to You
Calliope Inspire Marriage
Close Relationship Spell
Conceive a Girl
Connect with Someone
Corpse Bride Love
Crazy powerful love spell
Create the Man of your Dreams
Cupid's Love Pillow
Cupids Delight
Demonic Love Spell
Divorce Spell
Divorce/Break up
Elemental Love
Erectile Dysfunction Hex
Eternal Love's Return
Falling In Love Technique
Find True Love
Fire and Blood
Fire and Blood
Friday Love
Friendship Potion
Glimpse of your Soul Mate
Goddess Harmonia Love
Harleen's Love Oil Formulas
Heal the Break, Bring Back Soulmate
Honey Jar (Love)
Honey Love Spell
How to Concieve a Boy
How to obtain love from a certian Person
Immortal Love Apple
Invoke Hera
Key to Your Heart Spell
Let Love Find Me
Love Finder
Love for Couples
Love Me
Love spell
Love Spell
Love Spell to Attract the Attention of the One You Desire
Lovers Trust
Loving Marriage Spell
Lucy's Love Potion
Lunar Love Smoke
Make Someone Love You
Make Someone Love You
Make your Marriage Last Forever
Make Your Spouse Loyal to You
Marriage Oil
Mihans spell To find you'r true lover
Mine All Mine
Mine All Mine
Minerva Jane's Love Cider
Minerva Jane's Love Pouch
My Beloved
My Love
My Love Come to Me
Myrtle Love Spell
New Moon Love
Night Mother Love
Of Me You Will Think
Of Me You Will Think
Onion Love Growth
Pagan Wedding Chant
Please Love Me
Poppet Binding Spell
Poppet Binding Spell
Potion of Love
Powerful Japanese Love Spell
Resolving a Love Triangle
Reunite Two Lovers
Rose Water
Running Through His Mind
See Your Future Husband
Sex and Love Spell
Silver Pins
Silver Ring Love Charm
Simple Love Spell
Simple Love Spell
Simple Love Spell
Soul Mate Hex (Chaotic)
Spell to Attract Men
Spell to attract men...
Spell to get your Ex Back
Spouse Find a New Lover
Springtime: Draw Love
Stone Love
Tarot Love Spell
The Easy Apple Spell
The Horseshoe Of Love
The Marriage Bottle
The Moon's Arrow
The Pepper And Salt Spell
The Roses of Love
The Stream Of Love Spell
The Wedding Ring Spell
Tibetan Buddhist Gau Love
To Clarify Relationships
To find a Lost Love
To Focus your Loverís Interest
To Rekindle your Loverís Interest
To Win the Heart of the One You Love
True Love Spell
Twin Flame
Unbreakable love
Verus Diligo - A Spell for True Love
Very Strong Love
Wedding Candles
Win Back an Ex Love
Wisperomg love


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