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Truth Spell
A Charmed truth spell
A Feelings Spell
A Simple Truth Spell
A Tarot Spell to Increase Psychic Visions
Answers Spell
Appealing Reveal
Appreciation of Creation
Ask A Question
Bags of Rice
Banish Slander
Believe my Lies
Black Mirror
Bloody Mary
Bring to Justice Spell
By the Demons Confession
Candle Magic
Cartomancy #1
Caught You In My Web
Clairvoyance spell revised
Clairvoyant Dream
Clarity and Focus
Clear Honesty
Compeling a Lier to Confess
Compelling Oil/ Truth Oil
Confession Circle
Create A Spell
Cutie Mark Spell
Determine the Truth
Determine the Truth
Dice Answers
Dice Divination Extremely Easy
Dice Spell
Do You Like Me?
Do you like me?
Do You Like Me?
Does Your Cush Love You?
Draconic Fire
Dragon Truth Spell
Dream Question, Dream Answer
Duanes Ressurection Spell
Eavesdropping spell
Elemental Blood
Evocating Ma'at for Justice
Evocating Ma'at for Justice
Eye of Truth
Fairytale the Magic Mirror Summoning
Feel the truth
Find Out the Answer with Intuition
Find Peace with your Mind
Find The Answer On A Test (Multiple Choice)
Find the Lost
Find Your Path
Finding Love or Romance
Fire Scrying
Freya's Help
Future with Dice
Get an Answer
Get An Answer
Get someone to Show Their True Face
Get the Truth
Getting Your Siblings To Tell The Truth Spell
Good Luck Spell
Hex of guilt
Honest Truth Spell
Honesty Spell
How to get Information in a Dream
Hypnotise you're enemy (EM)
Induce Anger and Hate
Infidelity Test for a Man
Infidelity Test for a Woman
Inner Beauty
Justice Spell
Know Your Familiar
Lacate Spell
Learn the Truth
Learn the Truth
Lilac's Honest Romance
Lost and Found Spell/Chant
Love Binding
Make your BF/Crush speak truth
Manifestation Potion
Meditation Spell to Seek the Truth
Melt a Cold Heart
Michaels Sword of Truth
Mihans spell To find you'r true lover
Mind Reader
Mind Reading
Minreading Spell
Mirror Mirror
Money Spell
Moon Phases
Paper-intuition Divination
Powerful Easy Truth
Predict Your Future Husband in 4 Days
Promoting Spiritual Growth
Prophetic Visions - Truth Spell
Question Regarding Love
Question the Witch
Questions Answered
Reveal the Truth
Reveal Truth
Reveal What Someone Thinks
Reveal What Someone Thinks of You
Reverse Truth Spell
See the truth
See the Truth
See the Truth
See truth in everything
Seven Circle Summoning
Shining Light of Truth
Show the Truth
Simple Divantaition
Simple Truth
Sing Better
Speak to Hades
Speak Truth
Spell for Truth
Spell of Answers
Spell of Truth
Spell to find out the Truth
Star Accomplishing
Stop a Liar
Summoning Mystical Beings
Tell me the Truth
Tell the truth
Tell the Truth
The Curse of Intelligence
The Dowsing Pendulum
The Potion
The Spell of Revelation
The truth
The Truth
The Truth
Think of me
Thruthena Call
Thyme truth Spell
To Bar The Lies & Hear The Truth
To Bar The Lies & Hear The Truth
To End Confusion or Find Truth
To Find the Truth
To Get an Answer
To get the right Answer
To Hear Other People's Thoughts
To Hear The Truth
To Hear the Truth from Others' Mouths
To Know the Truth
To Know What your Child is Thinking
To Learn the Truth
To see the truth on everything
Trial by Combat
True Love Spell (For Girls)
Truth (Dice)
Truth About Your Friendship
Truth Diviner
Truth in the House
Truth Revealed
Truth Serum
Truth spel
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth spell
Truth spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth spell
Truth Spell
Truth Spell
Truth spell/chant
Truth Spells
Truth Syrum: for Enemies
Truth Tea
Truth was Lost
Truth Will Out
Truth's messenger
Turth Dust
Twig of Truth
Vampire Insight
Visualization to find Anything
White Magic Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma
Who Do You Love?
Who They Truely Are
Will They Stay
Wisdom Mantra of Manjushri
Wishing Truth
Writing letter to universe
Yes and No Stones


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