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Face East and center yourself.

I am grounded in the center of my being.

Visualise energy of below.

I am supported by the powers of below.

Visualise the God/Goddess of above.

I am guided by the powers of above.

Visualise the unity of self with center above and below.

I am balanced in the axis of my being.

Extend your hand to the East.

Visualise and make contact with the powers of the elemental forces.

Visualise clarity.

I am inspired by the powers of Air.

Visualise purifying/transforming.

I am enlightened by the powers of Fire.

Visualise healing/cleansing.

I am renewed by the powers of Water.

Visualise nurturing/stability.

I am nurtured by the powers of Earth.

Establish the balance of axis and elements.

Feel this to be true.

The forces are in balance within me and about me.

Feel the Sphere of the Circle.

The Sphere is placed.

Feel the Cube of the Temple within the Sphere.

The Temple is established.

Feel the Temple within yourself.

I am the Temple.


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