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Using A Staff
How to use a staff and its various uses.


A staff of your choosing.


After you've gone through the process of enchanting your staff, it's time to use it.Pick it up and feel out the elemental energy inside of it. Draw the energy out, focusing on moving the energy around the staff.

Now start thinking of what you want to do with it. Once you have a goal, using the staff will become more simplified. It's all about intention and focus!

Here are some uses:

If it is to be used as an attack, you can either use the staff to inflict blunt force or to project energy. There are various forms of this. Attack/defense training with staffs are often seen in Eastern cultures.

The staff can be a great tool for healing. Placing the tip or end of the staff against a sickly person while focusing on them can help greatly.

If you wish, you can use the staff to help you will spells- though it isn't a nessasary tool.

Sometimes in meditation there is rhythmic movement of the staff, or utilization of the staff to make a consistent beat.



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