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Dark Moons Light
This was given to me so I now share it with you all. I pray that it will bring us all together. You will need only your will and its best to preform this under the Dark of the Moon blessed be!!

Dark Moons Light

Dark moons light

guide my way, keep me safe in my travels

night and day.

Empower me now blessed Mother of Night

during my ritual

during my rite.

The veil is thinning the time draws near

The mist is parting we gather here

Brothers and sisters united as one

Under the same moon, stars and sun

No matter the distance

No matter the hour

We raise our voices

We raise great power

Light and Dark

In balance is a must

For we enter this Coven

in perfect love and trust

Now this is the ending or where it begins

Forever were joined as kith and kin

Blessed be to you all and may it bring you peace


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