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To Rid A Room Of Evil
This is a very easy to do ritual that involves cleansing a room of evil and negativity.


An incense stick of your choosing, though cinnamon is recommended.


First, light the incense stick in the center of the room and walk to the north east corner or wall. Say: "Earth and air, purify to good, blow away evil."Draw a pentagram of smoke and use the incense stick to stab through the center.

Now, walk to the southeast corner of the room and say: "Air and fire, blow away evil, burn away pain." Repeat the pentagram and stab the center in the same manner you did the first time.

Then walk to the southwest part of the room. Say: "Fire and water, burn away pain, wash away fear." Repeat pentagram and stab.

Next, walk to the northwest part of the room and say: "Water and earth, wash away fear, bury all negativity, purify to good." Repeat pentagram and stab.

Finally, Walk to the center of the room. Point incense stick to the sky and say: "As Above..." while dropping an ash from the incense, and finish by saying: "So Below".


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