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Simple Circle-Casting
This is an easier way to cast a circle. Really good for beginners. I personally use it, and it works well!

1. Place four (4) makers to represent north, south, east and west. (These can be anything, even pencils for the witch in hiding.)

2. Stand in the center of the circle and say:

“I cast this circle to enhance my energies and to protect me from all harm. I cast this circle and only the most balanced and positive energies may enter”.

3. Now the caster is to call upon the elements:

“I call upon the guardians and the watchtowers of the north/east/south/west elements of earth/air/fire/water. Guard and guide me. Hail and welcome”.

4. Now call on the Lord and Lady by saying:

“I call upon the Lord and Lady and the Great Spirit to lend their energies and protect me”.

5. When done say:

“My work is done, Thank you elements of earth, air, fire and water; Great Spirit and Lord and Lady, may my magic disperse into the universe and may my circle end”.

Happy circle-casting!!


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