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Prayer to the Prince of Darkness.
By Geifodd, kindly donated to us by Forneus.

I got this from one of my favourite Theistic Satanism sites


I thought it would be of interest to those of us who have a more devotional relationship with Father.

A Standard Prayer to the Prince of Darkness

By Geifodd:

I give praise unto Thee, Lord Azazel,

Prince of Darkness, God of this World;

Great Horned Spirit of the Wilderness

Who is Ruler of the Earth.

I present and surrender my soul unto Thee,

Who departeth from the purity of paradise

For the pleasures of the flesh!

I present and surrender my soul unto Thee,

Who descendeth unto the earth

Like lightning from heaven!

I present and surrender my soul unto Thee,

Whose temptation is the seed

Of the fruit of all wisdom!

All hail unto Thee, Great Iblis,

Supreme Adversary of Tyranny and Ignorance,

Most holy Messenger who beareth forth the Black Flame.

I hereby proclaim that Shaitan is

God of this World, God of the flesh,

God of my body and God of my soul;

And I proclaim that Shaitan is my one and only Master,

And that I shall neither serve nor bow to any other as such,

Whether mortal or divine.

Flesh without sin, world without end;

In the Name of the Dragon, the Beast and the Holy Goat,


Now and forevermore,




So mote it be!


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