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Bright water reciepe.
this is just a simple reciepe for making your own Bright water.

You will need:

A cup of orange blossom flowers (if you cant get these the skin of two oranges and cut into small pieces)

One cup spring water

Three drops of Frankincense oil (this is expensive so if you cant afford it buy pure frankincense incense sticks and stir the mixture with three of these)

Three pinches of dragons blood powder. (you can buy this cheaply at the suppliers online, but if you cant get it in your mortar and pestle crush five crystals of rock salt together with a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg.)

One clear quartz crystal

Orange food dye.

Soak the flowers or peel in the spring water overnight in a glass. Strain the liquid in the morning and add the oil (or stir for five minutes with the incense sticks), the sprinkle in the dragons blood power (or your alternative). Drop the crystal in and add three drops of the dye. Hold the glass in both hands and say:

Crystal of light,

Charge this water

With moonlight and wisdom,

Sunshine and laughter.


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