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Elemental Guardians
A little definition about Elementals/Guardians...

Elements aren't sentient and they don't have personalities, but there are two types of beings; elemental beings and Guardians. Elementals are defined by and limited to the elements. They are also considered to be lesser beings, not inferior, because they are limited to their only element. They composed of entirely of its own element and partakes only of that element's nature. Examples are Slyphs(air), Salamanders(fire), Undines(water), and gnomes(earth).

However, Guardians are considered higher than elementals because their functions are more sophisticated. They even have been compared to archangels. They protect and guard rituals devoted to, and sacred to, Them. Outside of ritual, they have little interest in us, and don't seem to watch over people in their day-to-day lives. Unlike elementals, Guardians are generally found only in ritual space, or on spirit journeys or in visions. They don't flow (or burn) through nature the way that elementals do.


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