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Creating a poppet to use in rituals.

To create a poppet you must first find the zodiac sign of the person that you will be doing the spell for/on.

Sew together two pieces of cloth that are the appropriate astral color of the person.
While you are doing this focus upon the person you are making it of.
(You may want a picture if you can obtain one to help your focus)

Make sure you leave an opening so that you may stuff it.

Stuff the poppet with the herbs,and stones(or both)(if you want add a little of their hair or a piece of clothing)that are appropriate for
what you are working.

Sew the poppet up. Give it eyes, a mouth and hair.
Again focus upon this poppet as being the representation of the person.

Upon the poppet inscribe the persons' name(from head to toe in a magickal alphabet such as runes or theban) and zodiac sign.

You now have a poppet of the person that can be used in rituals and spells.


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