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The Werewolf Creating Ritual Spell
This is a dangerous spell that if done right, well you get the point.

Things needed:

Chalk (or blood)

6 black candles

quiet open ground

a sacrifice (optional)

With the chalk or blood make a 7 foot circle. Put a pentagram in the circle. At each point put a black candle. Within the center of the circle (and the star), make a 3 foot circle. Light the candles clockwise. The human that wants to be turned must step into the center and chant:

'Spirits of the dead, with souls of lead, hear me.

'Spirits of the grave, you Devil's slaves, hear me.

'Spirits of the air, from the wolves' lair, hear me.

'Spirits of the Devil, with deeds so evil, hear me.

'Spirits of hell's fire, angry with ire, hear me.

'Wolves, vampires, ghosts and ghouls,

'Make me one of your evil tools.

'Send me yon, send me hither,

'In a shape to make men quiver

'Shiver, shiver, shiver

'Come, Werewolves, come '

The human should get low to the ground. If the human did the ritual right the flames of the candles will turn blue or green. The human will then go through the transformation. NO HUMANS OTHER THAN THE ONE DOING THE RITUAL SHOULD BE AT THE SCENE. THERE IS A CHASE THAT THE WEREWOLF WILL KILL THEM. BE WARNED.


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