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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
This ritual should be done every night. Treat this ritual with full respect. After doing this you will see good changes in your life.

For this ritual you will need either a dagger, wand, or you can use your finger.

Do these things your dagger/wand/finger.

1.Touch your forehead and say (Ah-tah).

2.Touch your chest and say(Mahl-koot).

3.Touch your right shoulder and say (Vih-g'boo-rah).

4.Touch your left shoulder and say (Vih-g'doo-lah).

5.Point your dagger/wand/finer away from your chest and say


6.Fold your arms with your dagger/wand/finger upwards and say (Amen)

7.Trace a pentagram in the air and say (Yud-heh-vahv-heh).

8.turn to the right trace a pentagram in the air and say


9.trace a pentagram in the air turn to the right and say


10.Trace a penta gram in the air turn to the right and say


11.stretch your arms straight to the side and say (Before me Ra-fay-el behind me Gab-ray-el at my right hand Mih-chai-el at my left hand Ar-ree-el around me flames the pentagram withen me shies the six ray star". imagine angels satanding around you and a bright pentagram in the middle.

12.Reapeat steps 1-6 and then your done.

If you want to you can reapeat this multiple times to get better at this ritual!


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