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Elemental Blessing
Can be used for blessing a pen and book of shadows


- 1 Candle (White or Yellow)

- Grass

- Perfume/Incense (Your favorite smell)

- Water (must from nature, example: river, lake, rain)

- Chalk/Marker/Picture of elemental symbols or elemental animals

- Compass

1. Draw/Place the picture in each direction, earth in the north, air in the east, fire in the south and water in the west

2. Place the thing you want to bless on the altar

3. Spray the perfume/Wave the incense into the air over the object

Say: "Air the element of the east, it will give me purity and new beginnings"

4. Light the candle, not to near/far from the object recieving the blessing

Say: "Fire the element of the south, will give me the strength and creativity"

5. Sprinkle the water around it

Say: "Water the element of the west, will give me beauty and maturity"

6. Place the grass around it

Say: "Earth the element of the north, will give me luck and connection"

7. Now stand up, and say:

"Now the elements are together, Wind Fire Water and Earth. Please bless with your power. So mote it be!"

8. Leave it on your altar till morning.

*Blow the candle out after you finish the ritual


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