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Druidic Love Rite
Giving and finding positive energy in nature.

You will need to be in nature to do this ritual.

To begin the ritual, one should start with prayer. You may pray to whichever diety it is you worship, though traditionall one would pray to the source, tuatha de dennan, as well as spirits, so on and so forth.Then, start to focus inward. Concentrate on feeling love and passionate energy around and within yourself.

Move to the first tree withint reach. Channel your energy, that you've just concentrated on finding, into that tree. Circle it three times, sunwise, channeling the energy inward. Thank the tree, and move on to the next.Do the same for any tree within thirty feet. Find your way to the center of the trees and walk in a pattern that resembles a heart.  Walk in this heart-shaped path repeatedly, while trying to expand and release your energy to all of the trees and nature nearby.

Thank any spirit(s) you invoked. This rite should help to ward off unwanted things as well as promote positive energy and growth. 


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