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Luck Potion
Warning: Do not drink! Mistletoe is poisonous and can make small animals very sick. If consumed, do so in small doses only, don't drink the whole thing or you will get sick!


5 oz. powdered Mistletoe

3 oz. powdered home grown catnip.

2 glass vials

1 small glass bowl full of water


Flavoring of your taste (optional)

Put the powdered mistletoe and home grown catnip in separate vials. First pour the mistletoe into the bowl of water and stir continuously for 5 minutes.

Stop stirring and allow the mixture to sit for 6 minutes before pouring in the catnip. (Catnip must be home grown, or your potion will become a very strong love potion.)


Add the flavoring if you like, it will not dilute the luck.

Let the potion cool.

Why it works:

~Mistletoe isn't just for kissing, it is better used for good luck.

~ Catnip isn't just cat food, it's an herb that grows wild in North America and Europe. Home grown, it will provide luck. Bought, it provides extremely strong love.


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