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Short Ritual for Absent Healing
This can be carried out once a month for those who regularly need your help and support. Use natural candles such as beeswax rather than paraffin-based for this ritual if possible.

* Light your healing candle and burn rose or lavender incense or a healing oil, such as Chamomile or rosewood.

* Read through all the names in your healing book, adding any new ones to the list and giving thanks for any who have recovered.

* Speak your own prayer or mantra to your god, the Goddess, or any healing deities who seem appropriate.

You may call upon an Archangel or the benign powers of Light and Love, if this seems more meaningful. Each person present can again add blessings.

* Leave the candle and incense to burn away and bury any ash or wax afterwards in the earth beneath a tree.


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