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Invocation of God or Goddess
Basic Magick Circle Invocation of God or Goddess.

"Oh, great Goddess/God/Name

I ask you as your child To open me to your mystic light,

And allow me to channel your power through me.

I pray to watch over me and my circle

And be with me in my sacred right."

Place the objects with their correspondent direction(fire South, water West, earth North, air East).

Now, that you have the tools of creation you may use them to create your sacred space - a place of balance between our world and the divine world.

Pick up the athame and trace the circle clockwise. This is your sacred area.

Visualize energy - your will - running out of your hand and through the tip of the athame creating a protective sphere of energy.

When ending the ritual and closing the circle approach the altar and say:

"God/Goddess/Name, source of all,

I thank you for Your Presence,

For Your Circle,

Blessed Be!"

The Magick Circle Ritual is one of most important rituals in magick. Use it each time you cast a spell.


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