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Divination stones

Divination Stones/Stones of The Craft 

The most common number of stones used in divination is 13. Each attribution can be represented by a few to several different stones. Here is a selection of stone attributions I use, with suggested stones to represent each attribution. Underlines stones are the ones shown from my collection. 

SUN: Power, masculine nature, energy of personality, the Conscious Self, Success, Ego issues, Confidence, arrogance, leadership, Intelligence, Learning, The God. Suggested stones: Citrine, Amber, Tiger-eye, Chrysolite, Topaz, Goldstone. 

MOON: Intuition, Feminine nature, dreams, motherhood, nurturance, the High Self, energy of awareness, feelings, depression, sensitivity issues, inner life, the Goddess. Suggested stones: Moonstone, Pearl, White Jasper, Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Clear Quartz. 

MERCURY: Communication, transformation, journeys, logic, impulsiveness, cooperation, language, compromise, manipulation, androgyny. Suggested stones: Amethyst, sodalite, crazylace agate, peacock, copper, pyrite, opal. 

MARS: Aggressiveness, assertiveness, anger, conflict, strength, movement, persistence, force, the Warrior, projects, internal confusion. Suggested stones: Carnelian, spinel, red jasper, copper, garnet, bloodstone. 

VENUS: Love, children, friendships, peacemaking, beauty, creativity, the Maiden, sensuality, selfishness, childishness, conceit. Suggested stones: Coral, malachite, aquamarine, rose quartz, aventurine, jade. 

JUPITER: Goals, wealth, success, benevolence, the All-Father, opportunity, gifts, health, expansion, luck, carelessness, overconfidence, drunkenness, irresponsibility. Suggested stones: Lapis, turquoise, tourmaline, sapphire, peridot, herkimer, diamond, Aventurine. 

SATURN: Limitation, opposition, convention, rules, order, wisdom of the ancients, the Crone, lessons, past life influences, endings, interference, difficulties, caution. Suggested stones: Onyx, hematite, smoky quartz, jet, obsidian, lodestone. 

HOME: Immediate surroundings, family, coven, clan or close friends, deepest aspirations (the home of the heart), money, possessions. Suggested stones: Granite, petrified wood, moss agate, sandstone, bone, acorn. 

LIFE: Physical and mental health, career, aspirations, commitments, responsibilities, schooling, happiness or unhappiness of the querent, life circumstances. Suggested stones: Ruby, bloodstone, carnelian, Apache tears, garnet, red jasper, onichite. 

LUCK: Unexpected happenings both good and bad, fate, Karma. Suggested stones: Snowflake obsidian, fire agate, holey stone, fossil, amber with inclusions. 

LOVE: Relationship, significant other, passion, self-love, perhaps a dedication or cause. Suggested stones: Rose quartz, coral, blue topaz, ruby, blue lace agate, pearl, abalone. 

NEWS: Letters, visits, information coming without being sought for, family happenings, rites of passage, surprises. Suggested stones: Any variegated, streaked or spotted stone. Jasper leopard. 

MAGIC: One's personal spiritual practice, religion, philosophy, dreamwork, trance journeying, magickal practice, The placement of this stone also indicates the most significant factors in a stonecasting which is done with a question in mind, or delineates the focus of a general reading. Suggested stones: selenite, purple jasper, peacock copper, fire opal, smoky quartz, blue lace agate. 


TIGHT CLUSTER OF STONES: Blockage, interference. 

LOOSE CLUSTER: Area of concentration....work here is suggested 

SPIRAL: Matter actively moving to resolution. 

CIRCLES: Continuing situation, ongoing circumstance, related ideas. 

STRAIGHT LINE: Direct action, assertion, ''taking steps''. Beginning or end of the matter. 

TRIANGLES: Interactions, units, connections among people or matters. 

ARROW OR ANGLE SHAPE: Heart of the matter. Pay attention to the stone or stones to which the arrow is pointing. 

CURVED LINE: Change of focus or direction. Half-circles may indicate the splitting up of or moving away from a group or situation. 

LINE INTERSECTING A GROUP OF STONES: Outside influence, new factor in the matter. 

CONCENTRATIONS OF DARK COLORED STONES: Concerns of spirit, positive influences. 

CONCENTRATIONS OF LIGHT COLORED STONES: Concerns of spirit, positive influences. 

ONE STONE BY ITSELF: Solitude is necessary to resolve the matter. If the stone you have by itself is the magic stone, Divine intervention may be called for. 

ALL STONES FALL IN A SINGLE CLUSTER: Not enough information--rephrase the question. 

Agate - Courage, strength, love, protection, longevity, gardening & healing

Alexandrite - Luck, love, spiritual transformation, joy. 

Amazonite - Success, joy, self expression. This will awaken the heart and throat Chakras. 

Amber - Luck, healing, strength, protection, beauty, love. 

Amethyst - Courage, psychic healing, dreams, removing additions, peace, happiness, love. This stone opens the crown Chakra. 

Apache Tear - Protection, luck, divination, healing. 

Azurite - Psychic energy, dreams, divination, healing, concentration, transformation. 

Beryl - Energy, love, healing, psychic awareness, protection. 

Bloodstone - Courage, strength, victory, wealth, self-confidence, business & legal affairs. Also will stop bleeding. Helps to regulate the first four Chakra's. 

Calcite - Centering, grounding, purification, money, peace - calms all fears. 

Carnelian - courage, increase sexual energy, verbal skills, peace, alleviates jealously, apathy, fear & rage. 

Celestite - Verbal skills, healing, compassion, calming, aids in personal growth. 

Clear Quartz - Super energy booster when used with other stones and metals, protection, healing, psychism, meditation, scrying/divination & lactation.

Chrysoprase - Prosperity, Luck, happiness, friendship, protection, healing.

Citrine - Psychic powers, protection, creativity, sexual energy, also deflects nightmares. 

Coral - Healing, menstruation, agriculture, protection, peace, wisdom. 

Diamond - Courage, strength, healing, protection, spirituality, mental & sexual energy/abilities. 

Emerald - Prosperity, mental & psychic abilities, dreams, meditation, visual acuity, love peace, inner/outer balance. Opens the heart Chakra. 

Flint - Protection, healing, divination. 

Fossils - Elemental power, past-life regression, protection & longivity. 

Garnet - Strength, physcial energy, healing, protection, purification, compassion. Opens the root & crown Chakra's. 

Geode - Fertility, childbirth, meditation, freedom of the spirit, psychic ability, dreams & astral travel. 

Hematite - Grounding, Calming, healing, divination, intuition, psysical strength & aids restful sleep. 

Jade - Healing, protection, wisdom, prosperity, epace, love, long life, fertility & courage. 

Jasper - Healing, protection, health, beauty, energy. 

Jet - Protection, anti-nightmare, luck, divination, health, & healing. 

Kunzite - Creativity, communication, peace, balance, relaxation & grounding. 

Lapis Lazuli - Courage, joy, love, fidelity, psychic abilities, protection, healing, beauty & prosperity. 

Lava - Protection, divination, gardening & past life regression. 

Lepidolite - Peace, spriituality, physical strength, luck, protection, psychic abilities, emotional balance. Deflects nightmares. 

Malachite - Power, energy, protection, love, peace, success in business, vision quests & gardening. 

Marble - Protection, success. 

Moldavite - Psychic abilities, mental and emotional balance. 

Moonstone - Grounding, love, divination, sleep, gardening, protection, youth, harmony, magick, travel. 

Mother of Pearl - Protection, wealth, water magick, weather. 

Obsidian - Grounding, divination, protection. Repels any negativity. 

Onyx - Emotional balance, self control, binding magick, protection from someone else's magick & strength. 

Opal - Beauty prosperity, luck, power, psychic abilities, visual acuity, emotional balance. (This is the only stone that represents all of the elements.) 

Pearl - Love, wealth, protection, luck. 

Peridot - Protection, prosperity, sleep, health, emotional balance, intuition. 

Petrified Wood - Longevity, past life regression, healing, protection. 

Rose Quartz - Love, peace, happiness, healing - especially in emotional matters.

Rhodochrosite - Energy, peace, calm, love mental activity. 

Rhodonite - Peace, mental clarity, memory, confidence. Opens the crown Chakra. 

Ruby - Prosperity, power, courage, integirty, joy. Also deflects nightmares. 

Sapphire - Psychic abilities, inspiration, love, mediation, peace, healing, power prosperity, protection. 

Smoky Quartz - Healing, directing & absorbing energy, altered states of being. 

Sodalite - Healing, meditation, wisdom, calm, grounding, stress reducer. 

Sunstone - Protection, energy, health, passion, sexuality. 

Tiger's Eye - Courage, prosperity, protection, energy, luck, wisdom, honesty, divination & reduces depression.

Topaz - Protection, healing, dieting, prosperity, love, emotional balance, tranquility, balance, creativity. 

Tourmaline - Love, friendship, prosperity, business, peace, sleep, energy, courage, protection, inspiration. This opens the center or sixth Chakra. 

Turquoise - Courage, protection, prosperity, luck, friendship, healing, communication, happiness, emotional balance, astral travel, weather. This stone strengthens all the Chakra's. 

Zircon - Protection (especially from theft), beauty, love, peace, sexual energy, healing, mental alertness, emotional balance. 


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