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The 10 Precepts of Shinto
Cite: http://www.lotus.org/docs/shinto.htm

Cite: http://www.lotus.org/docs/shinto.htm


  1. Do not transgress the will of the gods.

  2. Do not forget your obligations to ancestors.

  3. Do not offend by violating the decrees of the State.  

  4. Do not forget the profound goodness of the gods through which calamities and misfortunes are averted and sickness is healed. 

  5. Do not forget that the world is one great family.

  6.  Do not forget the limitations of your own person.

  7.  Do not become angry even though others become angry.

  8. Do not be sluggish in your work.

  9.  Do not be carried away by foreign teachings. 

  10.   Do not bring blame to the teaching.


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