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Earth Protection
This is a Earth Protection Ritual Calling upon the Goddess Nyx!


Cast your Circle, and then Pour Rosemary water into Offering Bowl. Take your Athame and take some salt on its type,  then mix with the Rosemary Water! Left the Water with salt in the sky and then Chant.

Rosemary is the Earth Element of Protection,

Adding with Salt, to add to this protection the

Goddess three. I call forth you protection from

Our Home in Earth, So Mote it Be

Light Rosemary Incense and Chant:

This Rosemary Incense is my Offering,

to my Great Mother, Nyx, add with the cleansing

water. My Offering is set.

Light Green Candle and Chant:

Green is the Color of the Earth, I call upon

your Ancient Energy, to set a Earthly Shield

upon [Name of Place or Person], In this hour

on this [Name of Month] Night, The Goddess

above comes with this Prayer, As I will it,

So Mote it Be!

Meditate with the Lite Green Candle for at least 5 Minutes and Then Bind your Ritual

With the Goddess three, I bind this Ritual in the name of Nyx and Erebus, So Mote it Be!

Light the Candle before you go to sleep each Night, Until it is melted, then on night after it is completely melted, Bury out side the place you wish to protect, or give to the person to hide under their bed.


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