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Experimental Magic Technology
A guide to making tablets that (hopefully) serve for instant magic.

I've noticed many people coming into magic with the though that magic is instant or close to it. It is not, but I have come up with a design to hopefully make "instant magic".

This design comes from storing a spell in a clay tablet, then breaking that tablet to trigger the spell.

So what you do is take a small amount of clay and form a tablet. You can decorate it however you want but I recommend some binding runes, runes pertaining to the spell you encapsulate in it, and something to let you remember which spell it is. Then you cast the spell but modify it so that if there is any way of sending the energy or the spell out, you use it to capture the spell in the tablet. If there isn't, then envision the spell as a ball of light and visualize that light merging with the tablet and getting drawn into it.Just break the tablet to make the spell continue.

NOTE: This is experimental, please message me if this works or not.

~Blesses be, Blood


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