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Morning Ritual
An element invoking ritual for the start of your day. Added by Zebrah.

I took this from a book by Yasmin Galenorn. It truly is a great way to start a lovely day. This is a great ritual for getting started with the elements as a whole.Go outside if you can.


Face North, raise your hands, and say:

"Good morning spirits of the North. I am successful I am the body of the earth. The cornicopia showers blessings into my life!". Be still.


Face east. Say:

''Good morning spirits of the east. I am creative. I am the spirit of the wind, my mind soars to other realms and back again!". Be still.


Face south. Say:

"Good morning spirits of the south! I am passionate... I am the glow of flame and lava!". Be still.


Face west, say:

"Good morning spirits of the west. I am beautiful. My blood flows with the tears of the Mother. I am joy and hidden depths transcended from the moon!". Be still.


Stand up in the middle, hands raised. Say:

"Good morning spirits of the spirit. I am the balance. My mind body and spirit are in harmony. I stand at the center of my web, weaving. Good morning Lord and Lady, I am your daughter/son. Guide me and guard me throughout this day!" Be happy!



Obviously, this is best done in the morning, a lovely way to start your day. It is easily adapted to fit with your beliefs. You could also adapt it by adding in the archangels as representatives of each element of however you choose to adapt them into it.






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