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Healing Ointment
Simple, beginner's ointment made from things everybody should have in the kitchen.

You will need: 1 White Onion, Cinnamon, and Water. Optional: Blue or White Candle, and a piece of a Rose Bush.

***Meditation could prove to be useful before making the "ointment". Make sure you have completely clear thoughts, and can think of only healing while going through the entire process, or you could hurt yourself or somebody else.***

First, cut the onion into the smallest pieces possible. If liquid is leaking from the onion, and you can smell it, you're doing great. Second, you'll need to pour some fresh water into a container, and put the onions into it. Mix it up real good with the end of a rose twig (the end with the leaves, bulb, ect.) or something else. Third, pour as much cinnamon into it as it takes to make it sort of pasty, or liquidy, depending on if you wish to apply it like lotion, or put it into a fragrance bottle and spray it on the afflicted area. Forth, leave it out, so the properties may mix better. Lay the mixture (while still in the container) near a candle, if you choose. Last, spray it or rub it on the affected area, maybe say a spell or something, and you're done!


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