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A short and easy candle meditation. Use to improve focus and concentration.


A candle (the color does not matter)

A quiet environment


Begin by placing your chosen candle on the ground. Sit in front of it, in any position that you find to be the most comfortable, and face the candle. Light the candle. Whiel doing this, begin to clear your mind. Mentally "push" the thoughts out of your head, focusing on becoming empty.

Stare into the flame, thinking of nothing but the fire. Do this for roughly ten minutes, or until you have no other thoughts. Begin to tell yourself that the flame is blue. It's best to do this in your head, or in a low whisper, to keep from breaking your concentration.

As you continue to focus and concentrate on the candle, it should start to seem blue to you. Once it does, turn away and rest your eyes. You can continue doing this meditation after a few moments.


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