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Elemental Kinesis/Elemental Bending Questions
Questions about the elements, bending/kinesis of them, and what they are.

What is this term "bending"?

"Bending" is the same as kinesis of elements.

Is there a "cardinal rule" for elemental bending/kinesis?

Yes.  It is (in Late Middle-English Speak):

This rule, for a bender is just as important as the Wiccan, "And in that ye harm none, do what ye will."

What is an "element"?

An element, as defined here is one of the basic building blocks of our universe; in the magickal world, this DOES NOT refer to the Periodic Table.

What are the elements?

The elements are as follows, with an explanation.

What elements are able to be bent/kinesied?

All of them except Time, Space, and while Life can be manipulated, it is very risky (this is not to be confused with Life Magick).

What elements compose the human in this case?

The human is composed of:

Each of these is something different, the body is composed of the Earth element, the soul is comprised of the Onyx element, and the spirit is made up of the Spirit element.

How can I start learning Elemental Bending/Kinesis?

The first step to learning this is mastery of your qi and either your psych. or emotions.  Once you get this down, then you can actually begin training on an element.

What use can this art/skill be to me?

Bending has many uses, primarily self defense.  You can also you bending to make everyday tasks easier for you.

What are the risks of bending/kinesis of the elements?

It depends on what element you are working with.  With the Air/Wind, there is virtually no danger, but if you are working with Death and screw up,  the consequences could be dire for either you or your family.

How long will it take me to do things like the Avatar from the TV show/movie?

Chances are, that you will never be as good as the FICTIONAL Avatar.  You can get up good skills after 10+ years of [hard] practice.  It all depends on how much time you spend working and training it up.  Just, do not expect to be able to stomp on the ground and an 8ft.X4ft.X2ft. pillar of solid stone shoot out of it.

If I practice this, will it keep me from doing other magicks?

No...not unless you choose to stop all other activities magickal.

What can I use for bending/kinesis?

You can use you hands, a wand, or a staff.  You can use anything that allows for the transportation of your energy out of your body and into ____ element that you are trying to manipulate.

Are there amplifiers for bending/kinesis?

Yes, there are, they are called charged stones.  These stones may be purchased from online vendors (I guess also in real life, if you can find a dealer).  These charged stones may also be used with pure quartz crystal to further amplify you abilities.

You mentioned "Storm", what all does this mean?

Outside of the listed basic definition for storm, it includes the drastic weather that occurs, many see it as "natural disasters."  Storm is often combined with another element in these cases, listed here are some of the combinations:

There are more, unlisted, I am sure of this.

How do I find out what element I should start with if I have no previous experience in this field?

Normally, the element you should start with is one of the common four elements (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire).  Every zodiac sign has an element assigned to it, go with that one.  The exeception to this is if you have a strong affinity for some other element, not your zodiac's.

Can you teach me [pleeeaaase]???

While I do teach this stuff, I do not currently have any openings.  I will change this when I do have more openings.




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