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Elemental Protection Chant
A chant asking all of the elements for protection. Added by Anna.

Chant this after meditation. Usually, I am outdoors for both the meditation and the chant, but it works indoors as well. If you are indoors you may wish to light a candle with the appropriate colours for each of the elements.


Elements, I call on thee

I ask you to protect and guide me.

Water, please guide my path.

Fire, protect me with your wrath.

Earth, perserverence and strength give to me.

Air, speedy travel and communication is what I ask of thee.

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, elements one and all,

Let me not stumble, let me not fall.

Help, protect, and guide me is what I ask,

Kind elements protect me,

This is my will, so mote it be!


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