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Feasts of Divine Life (Wicca)
All agrarian societies celebrate harvest time; the time of abundance. The Egyptian Feast of Divine Life celebrated the moon and the belief that it provided the Waters of Life. Nowadays we recognize the cycle of life the wheel of the cosmos as it turns. We can still honour the Triple Goddess in all her forms ? Maid, Mother and Crone ? as was done of old. At the time of the harvest she is honoured more as the fertile mother.


''The negative is replaced by the positive. I honour the Triple Goddess, Harvesting my thoughts I honour the Triple Goddess.''

Meditate for as long as feels comfortable then close the circle. When you have finished, be sure to share the harvest with others of the Goddesses creatures. You might like to bury the apple near an apple or fruit tree as an offering, to scatter the bread for the birds and to scatter herbs if you have used them on waste ground.


A Article by IK.


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